Starting a war to cheaters, need help

important!!! DO NOT write how to perform glitches!!!

i know devs are fighting with cheaters to fix bugs glitches (enough? not? doesnt matter), but i think its time for us to fight too as players. till i find a better game, this is the best in the hand… so if i want to have fun while playing instead of being angry and loose everything everytime, i should know what to do against glitechers, bugs…
people talking about duplicate, long jump, no animation attack damage, lock server to pvp and damage…

What i want is; if you want to share your knowledge, share NOT the glitch but how to DEFEND AGAINST that glitch.

i know how to perform the long jump and already told jens erik more than month ago, so where i need your HELP is i wont say how i jump, but you should make your claim at least 12 foundations horizontally…

if you please share your solutions maybe i can understand that its lagging and my enemy will make a glitch to kill me, at least i can run away not to give all my stuff to these cheaters…

official pvp server player (pc) Aspenza

What I learned from playing competitive multiplayer survival PvP is that wether the devs want it or not, cheating is part of the meta.

At the end it boils down to who is better at using an aimbot, and who can afford the better cheat programme subscriptions, who is savvy enough to use CheatEngine while masking their signatures.

The days of a fun Quake multiplayer deathmatch sessions have long ended.

“PvP Survival” needs to be rebranded to “Cyberwarfare”, because that is what it is.

If you want to be on the winning side, make friends with hackers. They are very intense and exciting individuals. Or get a degree in programming/ pen testing/ network engineering.

Remember that PvP these days is more dependant on the technical competence of a gamer than their raw skill - you can not out-twitch a PC. Just because servers don’t deny you connection for having a lack of technical knowledge doesn’t mean you won’t get your ■■■ handed to you by people who do.

If you want to experience Conan Exiles, not Cyberwarfare, do like me, keep a low profile and play on a PvE server, while nurturing a pleasant server culture.

They are also very sad and bad vibe processor IRL, so while you have “everything” in the game, you generate only emptyness in your mind in the process, making you delusional, less social and boring.

Someone who use Hacks in a video game to overcome another oponent, is like a young man using v i a g r a just to impress his partner = both are ways to feel poweful.

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Hackers have obvious weaknesses, which makes befriending them a fruitful endeavour, because you often complement the emptyness that is their soul. In return, they fill the emptyness that is your leaderboard.

It’s a great friendship.

I have some hackers as friends and half of them are psychopaths, while the other have so many principles, it’s hard to do anything at all with them. I grew up with a psychopath as a best friend, Half of the time you feel like your friendship with them is just an elaborate facade, other times you feel like you are just a tool.

But in the end, we live in a world where the only true friends are those homeless people who sit under a bridge and share the little they have with you, when you are at rock bottom.

Everyone else is socially conditioned to be psychopaths, so there is no discernable difference to me.

I mean… it’s like the colleagues you have at the office. Perfectly ordinary people who come up to you with a smile and ask how you are.

If you ever get fired, I don’t think you’ll hear from that person for more than a month.

People seem to forget that some hackers are intelligent people that are broken.
Now people can choose to do 2 things: Ostracise them and suffer their existance, or befriend them. Be a pleasant gift to their lives, and they’ll pay you back in kind with the immense power at their fingertips.

Is it like playing with fire? Absolutely. But so is playing PvP.

Hell, I burned myself really really freakin hard when I tried to save a girl from her abusive relationship with a hacker.

That hacker launched a DDOS attack on me, hacked my steam account and caused some serious damage. I understood from that moment on, why the girl didn’t just leave that guy.

Human evolution right there.

No Interpol cyber division. No police cyber division. Only country that has enough survaillance power and technical know-how to pull off cyberpolicing is China.

What can you do?

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A very fascinating post. I can’t fault you for having this philosophy, truthfully. And I am grateful for the ‘good witches’ out there. You know, those modders who enhance the experience for others, rather than ruin it. Money-droppers in GTA Online come to mind, because they are like Robin Hoods righting the wrongs of anti-consumer practices. That’s a lot different than hackers who inflict grief or take advantage of other players though.

That said, taking some benefit from the actions of a hacker does two negative things: a.) tarnishes your achievements, b.) makes you an accomplice of sorts. Point A can’t really be disputed and depends on circumstance/principles involved, and Point B only really matters if there’s cyberpolicing of some form involved.

While the “if you can’t beat 'em, join 'em” philosophy certainly has its merit, there is something to be said about keeping your head held high and knowing you are the better person. There’s no monetary or digital reward for that of course, but to some of us, it is a reward unto itself.

To answer your question, “what can you do” about cheaters in PVP games? Report it and avoid these people as best as possible, stoop to their level and become what you hate, or befriend them and be a witting accomplice to their cheating. None of these are satisfying solutions, but at least one lets you keep your integrity.

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That’s the fascinating thing about the exiled lands…
If you are willingly someone’s plaything, and consider yourself the better person, in an environment where there’s no social benefits to that whatsoever, what good is integrity at all?

With people coming and going, only a handful of souls remembering your good name, but at the end you quit, because you can’t weather someone’s abuse, what good is integrity?

When people doing bad things get away with destroying people doing good things… tell me. What good is integrity?

It’s social programming that is incompatible with the current constellation of the exiled lands. That’s what.

“Different land, different rules” one always says.

"Why, then, 'tis none to you; for there is nothing
either good or bad, but thinking makes it so: to me
it is a prison." - Hamlet, Act 2 Scene 2

While I agree explicitly with what you’re saying, I would like to point something out.

Yes, it is true, as your quote from Shakespeare states, that the tethering of ones’ judgements to a system of diametric morality results in missed opportunities. The problem however is that we are not talking about real life here. We are talking about a game.

When constructing a game, it is of critical importance that the playing field be level for all players of the game. They may gain and lose advantages over one another by actions taken in the game - but those actions and their results must be in accordance with the rules of the game.

The issue is NOT morality. The issue is sportsmanship. Most people want to play these games for the enjoyment of the game itself, within its defined ruleset. When you step outside of that, when you cheat, you’re telling the other players of the game that you do not actually want to play that game. You just want to win at that game. That’s understandable, let’s say, in the NFL, when there are huge monetary gains and losses at stake.

But why would you cheat at a video game? There is always the question of incentive in deciding courses of action. What’s the incentive? As best as I can discern, the sole incentive is to harass and exercise power over others. If you are doing that, in this environment, I think it’s only intuitive for most people to trace that back to some kind of unfulfilled desires in that person’s life. That’s what we criticize.

Obviously we could say, “the ends justify the means.” But there is nothing at stake. We play this game to enjoy it, but most of us enjoy competition. If you want to win without competition, you need to reconsider your choices and your motivations.

Just my two cents.


In a singleplayer setting, cheating vastly shortens it’s life expectancy, unless you are looking to build your own illusion.

But in multiplayer, cheating against other people is a form of social catharsis. To wield true power over other human beings in a way they never could in real life; An exclusive power rush only available to those who invoke the “knowledge is power” perogative of man.

Gaming to most is a competition. What sort of competition it is, isn’t up to you. It’s ultimately up to Funcom. But if a governing body cannot reinforce the rules of a competition, then it is the competitors who decide what form the competition takes.

eSports is sportsmanship. Conan Exiles is survival.

I often wonder, aren’t these the true sorcerers?
Food for thought.

What sort of competition it is, isn’t up to you. It’s ultimately up to Funcom.


"You will not:

(e) Use any unauthorized third-party “hacks,” “cheats,” “scripts,” “bots,” “trainers,” or automation programs, or any third-party programs that intercept, emulate or redirect any communication between the Software and Funcom, or that collect information about the Game by reading areas of memory used by the Software to store information about the Game…"

eSports is sportsmanship. Conan Exiles is survival.

I think you’re seriously misrepresenting the idea of “survival.” As I said, and I stand by it, this is a game. Not a sadomasochism simulator for people that happen to have the knowledge of the backend environment such that they can unfairly manipulate the game.

Funcom ultimately can’t do much here. They have deployed BattleEye, which is a clear intention that they do not want cheating to occur. Regarding exploits of broken game mechanics, my position is basically that you should do what you can within the rules of the game, and if by mistake those rules are set, then so be it.

…then it is the competitors who decide what form the competition takes.

This is never, ever the case in a fair, regulated game.

Basically, your position is detrimental to the game as a whole. If people consistently abuse and cheat, the game will lose players. Losing players means the game dies. Those who would slash and burn it to the ground for the sake of some small satisfaction that they can’t otherwise achieve elsewhere are doing themselves and others a disservice.


I play PvE because I know human nature. It’s why I avoid PvP like the plague.

I don’t have a position, nore do I condone cheating. I’m just telling you how it is.
You are telling me how it should be.

Quoting the EULA is cute, because it’s not doing any good if Funcom isn’t enforcing it.
I wish they do. But they don’t. Not up to me or you, now is it?

How long have you played on an official server for?

It definitely is a game. Especially for the hackers.

p.s. Now, maybe i’m being too harsh by saying they don’t enforce their EULA as a flat statement.
I revise my statement. Funcom enforces the EULA programmatically.

I play PvE because I know human nature.

Then you should know that gamifying tasks is intrinsic to humans, and in order for maximum participation that game must have rules that are fair to all involved. We demonstrate this tendency from a very young age (see Jean Piaget and others).

…it’s not doing any good if Funcom isn’t enforcing it.

That is exactly why I mentioned that they are using BattleEye to combat cheating. But there are physical and legal limits. They cannot force their way into end-users’ computers just to protect their online service. The acceptable, legal limits are what these hackers are hiding behind as a bastion against having to show any semblance of respect towards other players of this game.

I’m not white-knighting. I understand what CAN be done. And yes, they enforce their rules programmatically. It is unfortunate that they can’t afford to have moderators on all of their servers, as that would go a long way.

I don’t think you and I stand on separate sides of this issue. I understand fully that the game can be hacked, and that there are those that would consider themselves to be superior simply by virtue of having the knowledge of how that is done. But when I say “this is a game,” it is a loaded statement. What I mean to say is that it is a constructed activity that is intended to provide a fair playing field for people to enjoy themselves through cooperation and competition. Bending and breaking those rules just shows that that person really isn’t playing the game for the sake of playing a game per se. They are playing the game to vent their frustration with the unfairness of the world as it is. THAT is what I take issue with. If you are playing a game to vent those frustrations, that energy would be better spent addressing those things in your life that cause you such enormous frustration.

I concur.

But how do you intend to stop such behavior?
If Funcom can’t do it, what hope do you have of stopping the tide?

Man is a mistake that repeats itself. Everytime you win (after a long grueling war that spans several months), another hacker is born, yet to have been tackled by you.

All this is not a war one can win. The only thing anyone can do is adapt.

Aye, this has been achieved for the most part on private servers and PvE official servers. (thank goodness) But PvP? … Oh man. I don’t know what to say.

In this case i’d say Conan Exiles has either been “misconstructed”, or Funcom intends PvP to be the way it is…

What if CE was a thesis project for someone to prove that without rule enforcement, people turn into selfish ahats…

Glad we don’t suffer this :poop: on Xbox…

Thx for play Conan exiles, Aspenza, noone will remember you for your skill. 14 Gods were use during the footage.

Calling us cheaters for invoke 14 jhebal sags, more juicy photos are ready if you try to replay this.

Post closed.

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@Jens_Erik @Caco see the luck!! see the ineffective!!! from above screenshots.
@conqueror honestly well played, congrats… you gave time to craft 14 jhebbals, appreciate… only thing, its not a smooth victory beacuse it is including a bug… anyways… thats not your fault, you choose to use it, i dont… thats games fault. see you tomorrow.

Its very sad ppl grinding for hours creating a “safe” base to be taken down by a bug.

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You didnt use it because you didnt have time but more than 4 sets and jhebal sags were made in your base, as well as the loot was in a exploaitable base in the volcano from KISHORI, but crying about a “bug” when we killed you legit spamming jhebal sags. Is it a bug using a god in the game? i dont think so.

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Perhaps gods should be unique spawns that can only exist one at a time on a map…
A movie with 8 Thor’s would literally make my head explode…
Gods too have limits…

Actually, his attacks going through shields is a bug, so yes, ppl are taking advantage on that, a pitty FC let this happens, no doubt the playerbase goes down each day.

i dont blame you for anything, you dont understand that… only thing i say for you is; you used an avatar which is bugged, but thats not your fault.

yes we had jhebbals yesterday came from a undermesh base, true… but i dont know or met kishori in game, actually he is my old enemy, we were fighting with kishori months ago…
its been 2,5 days i joined that clan so i didnt use undermesh base, i didnt craft or used bugged avatars.
so why i joined them instead of you? because you came to my Tier1 base exploded everything and exploded 8 vaults which were empty and used for claim (2 days before i joined the clan), its been 5-6 days totally im playing again after a month to wait fixes… so i have chosen them to play against you… thats all… over 1600 hrs of play time i was solo everytime, its the 2nd clan i joined till from alfa and beta… first was the other Turkish guys we met in-game months ago…

Just to be clear, here is my style while playing;
i make base, if someone attack my base, i try to strike back…
i farm materials, if someone kill me, i try to find and kill him back…
noone raids or kills me, i kill or raid noone… i’m a SOLO casual player…