Status on the next PS4 patch

Hey everybody,

We’ve submitted the next PS4 patch to certification, which normally takes a few days to complete. This patch includes both the hotfix for the Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker bug and the fixes we’re currently testing in our Testlive branch (you can check the notes here).

The previous attempt to submit the hotfix did not pass the certification process as it did for other platforms, which is what caused this delay. This is why we’re bundling all the fixes together in this new patch and we’ll aim to release it on all platforms at the same time. The current estimate is at the end of this week. We’re putting our best efforts to make it happen, but please keep in mind that this estimate could change due to unforeseen circumstances.

We apologize for the frustration and once again we’d like to thank you all for your continued support.



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Too late, all Relic Hunters are died, bases are raided and hundreds of godbreaker armors are lost

It’s good chance to disable taming of Relic Hunters at all, like it was with Bandit Leaders, because it is too easy to tame them

But you should add more T4 top fighters except vulcano, because vulcano is closed on some official servers

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I agree, many people have lost everything, I think there should be some compensation for those affected.

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We have no problems, all Thralls are still alive here, our base would not harm a volcanic eruption.

No, I don’t like to gather dinosaurs’ poops.

Difference in taming between Relic Hunters and other T4 fighter is that Relic Hunters have fixed spawn places and you can tame up to 16 of them every 15 minutes

The changes that have been done, game is running better.

Clothing and hair physics actually turn back on few mins later after heavy combat or sand storm.
There a smedge of lag in one of my bases when i go near chests… but nothing bad.

I dont have any relic hunters… wasnt effected. (thou I keep certain ones in double walled locked room) XD

Outside some of weird sounds people make… its been good so far.

I think only things I’ve noticed.

-roll breaks, and you roll in spot now. Not sure cause… but requires game restart (log out and back in)
-Name Tags on NPC, some just never load.I climb onto rock and waited a good 1-2mins to find out what type of thrall he was. XD
-Certain npcs, at range seem to ingore fact I’m turning them into pin cushion. XD
-when back up with bow, your character turns all weird…when firing it. Didnt do this before.
Kinda silly looking.

I know running and lock on been gone awhile… we really need this back…

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The Bandit Leaders were fair more difficult to get than the Relic Hunters and the Vulcano Warriors, because they were well protected by other warriors who was possible to be tamed as well. It was nice to tame them, never without a good fight. In my opinion, the bandit leaders were the best update added to Conan. I still don’t understand why they disabled them to get tamed. The Relic Hunters and even the Vulcano Warriors are easy to get, because you can easily isolate them from others warriors and just knock them out. Berserker is even easier, because he is always alone and is aways there, just like the Hunters. Now the game is nice, with good warriors. There is no reason to be too much hard to get a Warrior thrall. Conan is a dynamic game, things must happen fast. We can never forget about the solo players. They need warrior thralls like any other resource. In my opinion, bandit leaders should be tamed again.


For me the most important is that players don’t feel stolen by the game. I mean like Vathis, al the hours you spend to find and tame him. For nothing. Its demotivating players to waist their time.

You can easy tame everyone, you just need to know how.

On active servers spawn places of Bandit Leaders were permanently controlled by alpha clans, so it was impossible for novice players to tame Leader

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Is this what causing the Asian servers to be down? Why can’t I log in to any Asia servers for 2 hours now? Will my saved games be lost? How long till the server is back on again? I need help please

to be honest the latest patch has been great for me so far, but I don’t collect relic hunters. I play PvP but I don’t metagame, the advantage is just never big enough to care lol.

nothing stops a well placed trebuchet hahaha!

But I do have to say that the clothing and armor physics are running great, and the noises the thralls make and their idol animations really livens things up!

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The new patch is out.
Thanks for your patience and feedback.