What to do with broken relic hunters?

Game mode: [Online | pvp]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [OCE]

So I’ve read that the PS4 hotfix is getting bundled with the next big and that has no ETA? does that mean it will be with the mount updates which isn’t until December? To guard our base we will have to kill all of the relic hunters to place volcano thralls and lose all items and armour which is all flawless epic and at least 150-200 thralls how do we work around something like this that’s a lot to loose for a mistake not made by us. Time is money and money is going down the drain if we have to kill thralls just to protect our loot? Help help help December is to far away. Is there no other solution or option funcom is trying to look at ?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Not sure where you heard that the fix won’t be until December. I don’t speak for Funcom, but I have been around the forums and the game for some time now. When they refer to bundling it with other things they are referring to other hotfix items. I would expect it in the next week, two at max. But again that’s just my opinion.

Has been said that it would be bundled up and will come out with a bigger patch the next big patch is December? So it’s my assumption it will come out with that. With of and Xbox already fixed?

I would love to just replace them but grinding flawless epic sets for thralls again is a lot of work in its self especially if the alpha clan has the entire safari blocked from spawning any elephants

So, because something went wrong (Funcom says Sony) releasing the hotfix update, Funcom decided to decline the hotfix to release it with the “normal” patch.

Haha, gamers in your face!

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