Stealing thralls in pvp server?

i had several thralls pushing the wheels when i went offline a few hours ago, and theres still food in the wheels but they are gone, is it possible for people to steal them?

Yes, if they completed.
If they didn’t, then some ■■■■■ tried to remove them just to destroy them.

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i wish i knew that earlier, i had freya and a level 3 fighter cooking while i was at work. damn that sucks

Don’t leave anything outside ever on a PvP server. Build it inside and use foundations not walls to build. Put in 5 or 6 doors deep because that is a weak point.

Any Thrall outside will be killed anything not locked away deep in a hole will be taken. If you think this way you will not be disappointed when you log in and your toon is stripped and your base is a smoldering pile of rubble.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Welcome to pvp. That wasnt on eu ps4 server 3223 was it. If so may have been me but there was only one thrall

whats wrong with using walls? i built a big wall around my base with fence foundations, is that not ok?

Walls are weaker. Also, the blast radius from explosion is huge and damages things on the other side of walls even if the wall survives, you’d need to be several foundations deep for your stuff inside not to be obliterated by a single explosive.

Like ExN said walls are weaker and less protection from area damage. PvP servers are pretty rugged and will get more rugged when more people hit 60 and gear up. I’m not kidding when I say unless you are in a large clan that has 24/7 online coverage you will likely log in fully raided every day if not every other…

You have to do multi-layer foundations with 2x layers in doors to even hope to prevent that…and A large well supplied clan will still get in.

Just work on getting prepared…stockpile materials and start building foundations…

I find absolutely amazing what you find out in the open. Heres some things ive found.

Furnace with about 700 iron stone and 100 iron bars. Thank you i will have that.

An armourers bench with 200 iron bars and 300 thick hide.

A few times found thralls on wheel of pain nearly complete had to stop them.

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