Stealth kills Archery

May be you can do some changes for the bows. So we can make stealth kills. If you will ambush a group it will be very helpful.

NEVER use wordings without a specific description like “some” and ALWAYS be short, clear and specific.

You have a lot of words which contain absolutely 0 information.

What exactly are you suggesting and how exactly are you planning to use it? What kind of changes to bows exactly? What is the definition of “stealth kill”? You can easily do PVE at bigger distance with bow mobs won’t even move.

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First of all no bows and arrows are good enough in this game to KILL something in one shot. Except bunnies ofc.

So first we need better damage, and then yes stealth kill we want. Like spine shots, hearth shots even headshot on humans should be instakill without a “sound”.


Agreed…killing an NPC with no alert status to surrounding NPCs. True, you can get out of range and kill an NPC and they won’t even move but that’s an exploit. A correct working NPC would react to catching an arrow and would alert allies. Therefore a more detailed combat system is neeeded such as a headshot to kill, a lower spine shot to cripple, an upper spine shot to cripple permanently, etc. IRL an arrow is extremely effective vs a human enemy. Especially the upper arrow tiers like razor. The correct armor would obviously affect the incoming arrow damage (ie. metal armor would cancel bone arrow, leather would cancel concussive, etc.). Poison needs to be buffed too. Even when I coat my weapons the result is shoddy yet when I get poisoned, my health plummets very fast, usually resulting in death.