Steell arrows (and up) are not working

I have gotten to a point where I can use steel arrows or razor arrows, unfortunately neither work. I have the hykurian (sp) bow. Please assist.

Try keeping your arrows in your inventory, not in your hotbar.

If they are not working from the hotbar, then that is a bug. You are supposed to be able to swap arrow types by using them on the hotbar.

Yes But it work only IF u have in both jobbar and inventory then u can swap and use easy it been for years pointless to hope for fix just like thrall Ai

Bows may fail to combine with arrows since ever.
As a workaround you get two types of arrows in your inventory, so you can swap them until the bow combines with the ones you want to shoot.

I though this was about arrows just vanishing mid air. Seems to happen to me randomly, power shots just …