Steletal Taskmaster

A new thrall that goes into your slaver slot for wheel of pain. Hes a very scarey frightening skelenton that looks very intimidating and trains your slaves extremely fast. Plus he just looks bad ■■■ like skeletor from heman or something.

Just seems like there is no point in this, unless they add necromancy as something players can use. Because how else are you going to make a skeleton your thrall in the first place?

Obviously it would be a random drop from undead bosses and come pre-tamed.

They did add Necromancy.

  1. find a spellbook
  2. find the ingredients for the spell
  3. cast an undead spell that crafts an undead.

Whatttt where is the spellbook?! I thought they hadnt added it yet so I havent looked for it.

Naw not yet in the live version. Testlive its active though. Next month I suspect.

It makes more sense to create your own undead, rather than to “find it” as a loot drop, which just sounds weird.

If Necromancy is coming, then the inclusion of turning normal NPC thralls into Undead thralls seems like it will be a thing.

There are numerous ways this could work. Given how the thrall system works, I think this could be a very likely option.

  1. You snag a living NPC and drag them to your base.
  2. You stick them into a new Necromantic Wheel of Pain.
  3. Over time, their life is leeched away, along with their willpower. This is a requirement because normal thralls take time, so to balance it, these should as well.

When ready, you get an Undead NPC thrall item to use. They retain most of their bodily appearance, only now they look more dead. Maybe scars or wounds, bones showing through on their body, etc.

Skeletons would be okay, rightly enough. But I’d like to see zombie versions of existing thralls, perverted into unlife by the necromantic wheel.

Nah it should definately be a small chance random drop from all the undead bosses to give the players ONE undead that isnt craftable.

Zombies are dumb and slow

Yeah like a named npc in the wild. We cant go hitting wights with our clubs to knock them out. They have to be crafted. So where do we get special undead beasties? Boss rare loot drops :stuck_out_tongue: maybe as a summoning spell.

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Until Romero’s Land of the Dead and then we realized that they can learn. muahahahahahahaha. Still slow though. Unless you leave the Romero Holy land and then everyone else write zombies as ultra fast heat seeking lawnmower missiles.

Zombies aren’t required to be slow.

And rare drops are just a pain in the ■■■ for anyone who wants to be a necromancer. You have to grind your way up high enough to beat a boss, multiple times, and hope for a drop.

There is no fun in that.

If we are getting undead thralls, either to position around our base as guards, take as bodyguards, or use as craftsmen, it’s going to have to be a similar method as the current way to obtain thralls.

If there is an instant way of getting this, with no real effort, it breaks the current thrall system because it’s too fast.
If it’s a really hard to get loot drop, it becomes more of a worthless RNG addition, because it’s random whether you get it or not. And it only becomes a viable play style at the endgame of Exiles.

I’d rather get a new wheel, and turn NPCs into undead at lower levels, so be able to be a necromancer through the game. Not wait until after I’ve beaten most of the game to get it.

That definately sounds like the best idea craft all your different undeads with skulls and augment and thenn maybe rare special drop on special thrall summon named minions so players that arent into undead crafting still have a rare chance to farm it

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