Still cant proceed with 1V

Hi I can’t get past the end of V games the next Battle doesn’t light up it says Victori and doesn’t proceed just try again or Close ??

Hey there,

Please be patient, externally developed games are less actively monitored. Someone will reply to the original thread soon enough.

Hello @slowtrain, apologies for the delay, there are in fact 5 missions currently available so this is expected and not an issue.

More content will be available in the near future so stay tuned!

So am i reading this right the game is not complete as i can only do 45 % of it ??/
on SOLO Play ??

The game is complete, there are currently 5 main missions, cooperative mode, challenges and also the Unconquered mode. Also, the developers have been listening to player feedback and updating the game taking it into consideration, so they may also have more in store for the future of this game.

Could you please elaborate on what you mean by only being able to do 45% of the game?

Thanks for your reply i hadent realised the game was still being developed my freind who gave me the link to buy the game says he thought he told me but im old and i probley forgot
So sorry for the ruckas ill just wait till 1V is ready to play on SOLO play

cheers slowtrain

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