Still having stability issues with Stormglass

When trying to place Stormglass, specifically the triangle ceiling tiles, it appears stability is not changing. I have 80 stability on a piece but it will not allow me to attach another piece to it. I have tried multiple angles with no luck. I have found that if I stick a bunch of pillars underneath all the pieces it will allow me to attach but that defeats the purpose if every tile has to have a pillar. Anyone else with this issues still?

a screen or two would help , do you have any fence/crenelated fence on the 80 stability piece ?
are there any 20 stability pieces next to the one you want to put down ?

just 2 reasons off the back of my head !

No fencing and I checked the stability around it. It was a single stair with 2 triangle pieces with 1 pilar under 1 piece so plenty of stability. The only tile that would be connect to it was at 80 so plenty to connect too. I know how the stability works and I’ve built the same design with different material with no trouble. It just is the stormglass that it is doing it.

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