Turanian corner pillars do not provide stability

The corner pillars from the Turanian Bazaar set only provide stability to themselves.

You cannot place any piece on top of them except another corner pillar. You would expect to place a ceiling or corner vault ceiling on top of a pillar and have it inherit most or some of the stability of the pillar, but “attaching” a piece to the corner pillar does nothing. Four of the corner vaulted ceilings place atop four corner pillars looks good, but the ceiling pieces only get stability from the nearest wall.

The corner pillars from the Stormglass set convey 80 stability if the pillar has 100 stability. The Stormglass corner pillars are huge compared to the Turanian corners, so maybe the Turanian pillars would give less stability to something placed on top of it, but it should give some.


I don’t believe the intent with the new Turan pillars was for them to be equal to regular ones, they’re of a more decorative nature rather than a functional one.

It’s something that’s been requested several times in the past.
Well, the corner snapping, at least.

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This whole set in a lot of ways has been a bit of a letdown. I liked it in theory, but there’s just so much missing or broken about it that I can’t help but feel a bit ripped off.

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This one likewise finds that suboptimal.

However, from the looks of the frames, it may be easy enough to just use those and then pulled over the corners.

Not at all perfect.
How would the corner pillars work for stability?
Each pillar carries up to 20?
This one sees potential for very “creative” builds if they confered their own stability, especially with the snap point particulars of this expansion.

That said, this one still thinks it is a beautiful but incomplete set. Full props to the art team

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