Still using Denuvo if so Remove it

If so please remove it, been unable to play this game since pre-order, because all Denuvo does is cause performance drops, and use Extra Resources that otherwise would not be needed just to play the game.

There are other methods to prevent (unauthorized copies) rather than causing players who purchased the game to be unable to play especially those of us who were unaware at the time of purchase.

Even if Extra resources is just by 1%, or Disk read / write’s are on SSD its rather down right a concern, and does nothing but impact those who actually paid for the software, and obviously the “Source Code” for Denuvo isn’t open to the public, so there is absolutely no way I am trusting a company Over Seas, where I’ve been screwed over by 3 other companies from, or the Denuvo EULA for that matter.

Conan Exiles okay though.