Thank you for removing Denuvo!

I’ve had this game on my wishlist since it was announced last year. It was one of my most anticipated games this year, but then it was revealed it would be infected with Denuvo. I don’t support companies that force poison pills down their customers’ throats. So either Denuvo had to go or I would ignore this game.

At last, Funcom has corrected course and ditched Denuvo, so now I am happy to finally buy this game. Thank you for serving your players instead of treating them with hostility.

As a gesture of good will, I have purchased 3 extra copies of Conan Unconquered to give away. This forum blocks posting links, but for anyone who’s interested, a link to enter the giveaway can be found in my post on the Conan Unconquered General Discussion board on Steam.

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