Stonerune UI vanity weapons!

Hi, How to show weapons vanity slots in Stonerune UI? :grimacing:

Temporal solution for now (credit goes to Zaldar from other discussion) just leaving it here because it works for stonerune as well;
Delete the SPWearView files from the Main GUI folder in your Customized folder.


Works perfect for me, thanks!

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After last patch my Stonerune is fubert, how do i fix it again.

I use Stonerune v.2.4.6, which is a bit older and is missing the tabs for raidfinder and daily rewards, but works out of the box for vanity weapons.
There is a newer version, Stonerune Reloaded 5.1. I tried it yesterday, and it doesn’t show the vanity weapons. Maybe the fix suggested above will work, but I didn’t try it.

Of course, you need AoC UI Installer to set them up.

Hi Yawgmoth, thnx for the reply, for some reason the AoC UI Installer doesnt work. so no idea what to do.

As Stonerune uses the same graphical design (or a very close one) as the default ui, using the default panel works pretty well.
Same goes for Mirage UI if someone uses it.

Work like a charm thanks for Help Weekendwarrior

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Weird. What kind of error do you get? :thinking:

Got it fixed, thnx again.
My installer didnt open so deleted it and downloaded it again, rightclick and open as Administrator.
That worked.

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Hi! I’ve been having some issues with Stonerune as well. Using the 5.1 version.
When I deleted the SPWearView files from the Main GUI folder, my inventory became HUGE, to the point it covers my lower HUD and doesn’t allow me to change AA’s.
Any advice?

what is your game resolution ?

I’d upload a screenshot, but can’t link anything due to being new on forum -.- They should look at account creation date instead

Not sure if anyone can help ! I have an issue with the new version of stonerune.

The windows when i open are just too big . I cant change any perks or if i see someones gear the window that pops up is so big i cant see the close button.

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Thank you very much ! I still have issues with windons being to big , that i can t change the first 2 general perks but its all good ! The rest now it works !

What is your monitor size and resolution? I use a 32 inch monitor.

Hello ! Its also a 32 inch monitor. And i play in a 1360x780 resolution.

Why do you use that resolution?

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