Stop and smell the flowers

This villa w/ garden courtyard and the centerpiece for one of my halls came together better than I could’ve hoped, so I figured I’d share. Those decorative lavender & rose bushes mesh really well with other decorative pieces.


Ah, I missed the Turanian Set, I am hoping it’ll come round again.

This is why I hate the current Bazaar set-up, just let us pick and choose for Crom’s sake!

It’s just so random, and why? just because it supposedly helps to create a feeling of ‘urgency’ as a sales tactic. It’s very frustrating to me (if anything it puts me off buying anything)

Anyway, moan over, :laughing: - I like what you’ve done, the dioramas work well I think, nice build!

You do look eerily close to that green wall though… just sayin’


Love the diorama idea, the composition of taxidermied animals, flowers and the other placeables looks great!


is this official? /hovers finger over report button

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Fantastic job, inspiring, congratulations!
Make sure you’ll upload your work in this topic. And feel free to scroll and get inspired too :metal:.

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That topic is honestly so long I can’t be bothered to look at it. I can never bring myself to scroll through it. They should really close it and start anew every few hundred replies.

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I just wish the bundles were all purpose-built, and they’d nix the theme sets. Gimme big clothing sets, big weapon & armor sets, big workbench sets, etc, along with the building set add-ons.

…the eerie comes from one of those glowing goo bone torches inside each of the Yamatai frame pillars. Does wonders to brighten all the obsidian building pieces.

:rofl:… Official what? LOL. No mods or tricks, if that’s what you mean. Playing on Xbox.

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They were asking if you built this on an official server.

From what you’re saying, it looks like you did it in single-player.


Very good composition and use of framing placeables.
Marvelous Menagerie.

The Argos awnings work very well with the Turanian tent panels.


Some beautiful, visually pleasing designs. Hats off and well done to you @MoneyPenney.

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Why this is not in the Turanian DLC is outrageous.

Oh, yeah… Yeah, I’m waaay too high when I game to deal with griefers (Disclaimer: I’m Canadian, and that’s totally legal here, LOL)

very nice build and a lovely style… you should get in to BBB building contest !
Should be a section dedicated to building creation.
Keep going for it and look at building mods cose it inspired me to push my limits.
Sorry for the way I express myself but not native…

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