Stop taking server offline (private server)

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Server taken offline
Server type: PvE
Region: Americas

Every single time I am trying to get online to play since the patch, the server (which is not mine but I help pay for it) is either offline due to “Emergency Maintenance” or gets turned off WHILE I AM IN COMBAT.

This morning, I was in the Mounds of the Dead with my follower, a Cimmerean beserker, to get another thrall to man my armorer’s bench. The server shut down while I was in combat. The server’s owner will have to probably admin in several pieces for me including a thrall. The owner isn’t playing as much these days so I want to be able to handle this and get the server back online.


Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

If this is a Private server, it has nothing to do with Funcom, at all, you need to talk to the owner of the server

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It says online official but then we are talking about inactive admin :woman_shrugging:

If this is a private server, then the owner is the one who doesn’t give a warning to their players even though they have all the means to. You should complain to them not to Funcom.

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@Narelle read the subject

Game mode should read Private not Official, also note:

PS - I see you edited as I did also lol


Yeah @Iorail The msg was very confusing. Had to re-read it. Sorry for the tag.


Not necessarily, some server hosts don’t provide a method of warning players of shutdowns or re-starts
One of the last private servers I was on a friends, didn’t have a means for the admin to warn people.
Luckily I could contact the admin directly so it wasn’t too bad, that server didn’t stay with that provider for long.

This is why I always recommend the gui from FC it at least provides a warning method, it’s what I use on my personal private server.

I myself run a private server and it bugs me the server host doesn’t have a means of warning players of the daily reset… I run with host-havoc now. When I ran a server through survival servers there was a 10, 5, and 2 min warning. Wish I could find a way to add that back into my server for my players

There are always means especially for updates … If you don’t give a dime about your players, yes, you can restart for the update without a warning but any decent admin will at least send a rcon broadcast to warn their players before they take the server down. About hosts not having options to warn players: find a better host or don’t use the auto-update feature. Either way, Funcom will push the hotfixes as they need to, there is always going to be someone upset that the timing is not right considering that the game is played in multiple time zones.

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Yeah you can never please everyone. To make sure my players know when the auto restart is I have it as a rotational message through the pippi mod of when the restart is so that at least tells them of the hour it will restart… maybe at suns point I’ll figure out a good way to give players a bit better notice. Can’t make everyone happy all the time though but that’s part of being an admin

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