Stop the pointless and harmful landclaiming on official servers

I’m going to rant a little.
First look at this pictures to see what i’m talking about

See, this is wrong, you take away resorces from the map to have a little ugly road across the whole damn place, you take away space for other players to claim their land and build their bases, you load to server with unnecesary buildings than do nothing but increase lazyness among players.
I mean, it’s great that you think about others and try to help, some players build maprooms next to obelisks for public use and that’s awesome, some others offers free cover to protect those who doesn’t have a mask to prevent sandstorm damage, or those who builds little atractions to people to play with. Ramps to cross a ravine, elevators to get into the sinkhole, etc, etc. I seriously love to see those things, and i believe this roads are made for the same reason, except that they don’t help at all.

You have to stop doing this, i know you may have good intentions, but in reallity, you do more harm than good. I’ve seen this roads made in many PvE-C servers and i have never liked them. They are as annoying as players that only log in to refresh decay timers.

I already reported those who are doing this, but i believe the game needs a different system to avoid this kind of abuse of landclaim and any other, It’s a public server afterall, many people come to play and this is a bad experience for everybody. I know some may like it, but the game is not supposed to be that easy, you are taking away the experience of a survival game!

We could discuss what can be done to avoid this among other kinds of excesive landclaim.
i’ve said before that, for me, the more land the player claims it should be more difficult to preserve.
I also think think that no one should have more than one character in the whole game and that it should be possible to transfer from one official server to another (only the character, with appereance, level, and known recipes, and only on official servers) meaning to destroy any trace of existence in the previous server he or she played.

I’m tired to see this game filled with bases that nobody uses but won’t be destroyed because some people only enter the game to refresh decay timers. I’m tired of the massive landclaim some people make with no repercution other than the time spent. I know this wouldn’t be a problem in PvP, but that’s not the point, we are specifically talking about pve and pve-c servers where we can’t do anything against it.


Structures like that are indeed killing servers. If i meet something like this when joining a new server, i would leave at first sight. When given total freedome, some players cant seem to adjust to the fact that they are not in singleplayer. Some sort of building cap are needed on official servers.


Like i say before we must use the RUST decay style.

  • a Tool Cupboard every 10 foundations radius for land clain. (it must be protected against raiders).
  • cost of 10% per day for maintenance.
  • you have to be active on server.
  • the same for thralls and animals (thrall pot, food + money)

This is not a problem with a normal base, and yes it will take you a fews hours every weeks to fill the Tool Cupboards, but you will play on more clean servers, so it is better.

A final note, you can refresh your base without login in the game for weeks! Just ask another player in the server (not in your clan) to just place an explosive jar on your building (no need to explode it), it will reset decay to 168 hours …


He’s right though. Most of these guys think they’re helping the community by providing safe ways across the map. I’ve met several of them actually. Sometimes I actually managed to explain them before they started building.
Once they spend hundreds of hours in it it’s too late though.
I guess that’s the drawback of playing in a community. No one will ever agree on everything. I can’t play if there’s no open maprooms across the room but some people find it immersion breaking. I find huge castles to be immersion breaking, but that’s what most players like to build. Still there’s not enough content for me to play SP so i just suck it up…

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You can report this player. I have reported several intense builders and their bases had been deleted for less foundation spamming than this.


I never played Rust but that sounds almost exactly like something we need here, keeping the map clean and active, not just a savefile for previous buildings that are no longer used, and of course, it also prevents this kind of excesive landclaiming.

Thank you, i did report them among other players doing the same, the whole server is filled with building like this.

On a side note, i want to add that T1 buildings should have less decay time than the others. Some players build giant bases with sandstone and never upgrade them, but they do the same, login, refresh decay timers, logout.

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I agree totally with the OP! This is a kind of harrassment that is designed to limit other players’ ability to build in resource-rich areas, or to control access to specific locations. Please limit the number of building pieces any one guild or player can have–it’s the only way to control this mess.

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And well you should. Spamming “roads” across landscape destroys resource and other spawns.

I play to build, so this “RUST” timer would just mean I would no longer play the game. After all, if I wanted to play RUST, I would play it. So, I build in resource poor areas to minimize the affect on spawning. My base, however, is massive because I wanted the room for multiple thrall stations and plenty of storage I could organize without resorting to a vault. I am not interested in someone else’s “perfect” base, no matter the statistics on efficiency and play style.

When folks violate the rules, report them. When folks build something you do not like within the rules, ignore them.

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We will have to disagree.

I quite dislike the idea, personally. I have limited time to play, so when I get to play, I’d rather go adventuring than work on maintenance. A few hours every week is what I get to play, so doing chores is not how I want to spend those hours. I could just as well stop playing altogether. (I guess that would lead to more clean servers, so it would serve your purposes…)

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Omg, thank you for this report, really well done. I remember at my first days in the forum that was my first complaint in the forum about the chaos that exists in the official servers. That was exactly one part of my complain, the other part was the terrible lags that this things were causing in the game play, the third was that they were building around obeliscks and ofcurse in front of varius spawning areas and destroyed them. All this on pve servers, really? All you need in pve is a house and a yard. Now im my server a new clan came and they have over 30 animal pens, 30 wtf. They put guard bersekers to all the 3 heas bosses, so if you show up you don’t even have to fight to take the skeleton key. Really? If they could they would do it in tbe unnamed city too. I do understand that this game can be played by children too and nobody can stop it, still Funcom has to find a solution about this problem, because it is huge and destroy the game experience and the image of this game. All i beg here is to fix for us, the old and lovers of this game some barbarick dificulty official servers. I don’t think we will see this kids there. When a simple imp is a pain is the a… To kill :joy::joy::joy:.

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The same is on 1953. Send in a report

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