Storm beyond south of desert

I recently noticed when you face south near the desert river area you can see a storm. That doesnt move. That always been there or is this a hint of where the new map will be?

Interesting question. Im going to go look…


Hm - Seems like you didn´t make it back here. I´m afraid you got lost in the storm now…

Think I found him :rofl:


Was busy… logging in to check it out…

I dont see anything out here… just sand

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That was hilarious - what a glorious rescue-expedition! :joy:

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It’s a graphical glitch from the latest patch. The sandstorm is now WAY more frequent, but it’s mostly just an illusion. 4 out 5 times the sandstorm shows up you can see it but it has no ‘Sandstorm’ effect that can hurt you.

And then it keeps going strait through starter desert. So if you’re high up you can see the clouds from it way off in the distance.

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