Storm sounds wherever I go, but clear skies or light rain

I logged in and I heard a long peal of thunder. I go outside to see the hurricane I could hear from inside the building, and … it was clear skies! I teleported to several locations around the map and still had the same weather sounds. Even in the clear sunny desert.

I logged out and back in and it still sounds like a hurricane. Any ideas?

Stop complaining! This game have no bugs, no issues, no errors and no glitches. If you’re heardind songs that shoudn’t be there then you must check your ears and take your medicine. Besides, who knows if you’re not dreaming the whole thing? What have you been smoking last night? o.O

It’s sorted. Razer Surround Pro enhanced the light wind sound into a hurricane lol. I switched it back to the standard sound device and it went right back to a gentle breeze.

See? You was dreaming the whole thing right as i said hahahahaha. But not really: i got this very issue from time to time too and i don’t have this “surrounding” device. Also, my characters keep breadingh highly as if she was out of stamina forever (sometimes it ends when i dive), or she lose her voice and stop emiting sounds a few days after being created. I hope they’ve corrected those issues in the newest patch released today.

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