Strange behavior of cpu in SWL frequency drops too 800 mhz


Hello, I have problem with a cpu, which seems work at 800 mhz instead of 3.5 ghz.
My specification:
i5 6600k
gtx 1070ti
16 gb ddr4 ram
psu 650w
Game is on a hdd, full client, no change of frequency on dx9 or dx11. I redownloaded a game but it didnt help.
Cpu frequency doesent go back too normal even in other games, only restarting pc can fix it, until i try play in swl.

Any suggestion?

P.S. I m not a native speaker, so please forgive me if i make any mistakes :wink:


Windows 10?
Power Options set to High Performance?

Also look for BIOS, processor chipset, and other driver updates.

  1. Yes, Win 10
  2. Yes.
  3. BIOS, chipset and gpu drivers are newest available. :wink:


Game only utilizes a single core if I remember correctly it is odd that it remains low for other games though until you restart.


I dont know what happened but game seems work well (for SWL atleast…), yet cpu is still on 800 mhz. If anyone have any suggestions please write them maybe i forgot about somthing obvious.


Your power supply is big enough and since you only see this with the one game I do not think that could be the issue. The only other thing I can think of is heat dissipation. When was the computer system built? Have you re-done the thermal paste/checked the cooling solution?


I bought this processor in March, while gpu was bought 2 months ago. I currently have cooling on the processor with three heat pipes, so CPU temperatures are not a problem, I did not overclock it, so it works on standard clock.