Strength Archer's are still coming loose from their posts

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 1511

Bug Description:

Strength Archer’s are still coming loose from their posts.

I recently split my purge of ~100 archers into rough halves of strength and agility and gave them each a purge base to see the differences. The agi archers have not come undone once, the str archers come undone at will it seems, as you can see in the video above. Every archer on that wall was set on it’s post multiple times, it seems inevitable that they all come undone.

My previous post on this: Archers unsetting from archer posts, running around purge

Bug Reproduction:

Set a strength archer on a post and introduce something that agros it, a nearby rocknose in the case of my video

I am noticing that when I build near them (a temporary walkway to reset them on posts), they huff and move a little when I remove the walkway. This would only explain some of their behavior. While resetting them a couple came loose after having just been set a few seconds ago though, completely on their own. They really hate the local rocknose.

“strengh archer” … for anyone wondering what it could be is just fighter thrall that OP put bows on . while " agility archers " are … well archers ! :speak_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil:

There are thralls with high STR-/ranged modifiers, and the archer classification such as Markos, Bane of Beasts. By all means they -should- function similarly.

That said there has been some jankyness in general with thralls. I was kind of disappointed to see Dalinsia for example no longer takes to dual wielded axes and never goes past the combo opener.

Anyhow, that certainly is some odd AI behaviour. Have you per chance used STR archers from old purges and the current head hunt? I feel some of the thralls you wouldn’t ordinarily see anymore might be slipping through the cracks of whatever changes are being made.

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I say “strength archer” as a catch all for strength thralls that have high ranged modifiers: Berserker, Snowhunter, Sonja, Cormag, etc.

Yes, I did put strength bows on them. They’ve been in the game awhile now. I dont know why this is such a foreign concept to you.

That said, to my experience agi archers do much better than the strength based ones.

Thanks for watching the vid, indeed there’s been some general janky thrall behavior.

We’re on a different server now, but our old server saw everyone’s thralls decay due to a bug (buildings didnt decay) … that was the one with all the thralls from nord and berserker purges. (funcom did nothing about it).

It’s very strange that I dont see the same behavior on the agility side, but that runs fine, and it is much stronger anyhow.

I haven’t noticed melee functionality with Snowhunters, but when I run with a thrall it’s usually an 7k hp Ulric which has similar melee multi to Snowhunters.

Oh but I Know , I was just trying to help people that come reading the thread who like me didn’t understand what op meant exactly untill watching the videos, understand better what “strength archers” could be meaning , it wasn’t meant to be an attack.

well maybe they should but is Funcom aware of this thought ?

I mean if you look at it from a dev point of view , when you create archer post , well it’s to go with " archer thralls " , which would be called “agility archers” in this thread .

So if they read this post and you want them to change it … Well then it’s better for them to understand clearly what @Natohk means with " strength archers " nothing more.


I hear you. I remember firespark’s discussion where melee / ranged were being equated with strength / agility.

The thing that seems to boost agility ranged (at least with the thralls I’m using) is they just get better numbers in the end, 60-70 agi damage and 100-125% bonus damage. Berserkers have more like ~50 str damage and ~50% bonus.

But if given the same stats and similar multipliers, each should be about equal I’d think.

Still so weird the strength ranged run around so much, overall it makes them weaker as result.

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