Stuck in Thirst of the serpent god - Black pyramid Halloween event

Hi, need some help. I stuck in this event and cant leave the pyramid. Is there a way to abort/cancel the quest because it´s really too diffcult for me.

I guess you can use Asura. But it shouldn’t really be that difficult. Are you using the urn to refresh your protective buff?

Thanks, I´ve forgot asura and I teleported out. I found it too difficult I think I have to learn more about my class. (Priest of Mitra Level 20)

It’s not so much that the Pyramid quest is that much more difficult or harder, but there’s mechanic’s that you have to take into account and make them work for you.

First you need to always carry an urn around with you so you can activated it before any combat. Without doing that the debuff makes you very easy to kill.

Because of the urn need, this isn’t the quickest quest as you have to do a lot of back tracking to get another urn at times. Also running away or past the enemies is a valid method of play. For example I never engage any of the mob’s in that first big room you come that contains the large lake in it. I just sprint past them and click on the door on the other side and get teleported into the follow on hallway and safety.

It’s not a bad one and I’ve made it through a few times, but it is easier the higher level you are.