Into the Black Pyramid

Hello cimmerians. In a passage of the black pyramid there are some blades that cut my head every time I try to pass. How can I overcome this obstacle? Thank you in advance for your kind attention.

On both rooms to the side of the head chopper there are some crates in which you pick up some armor (3 pieces in total). Put them on and then try to dash thru the headchopper.

Thanks, Xerzex. I will try it. Thanks!

I think there’s a visual clue there in that you see a priest go through OK, but one of the slave’s get’s the chop. Like Xersex said, go into the 2 rooms off to the side prior to the blades to loot some priest clothes (hat, chest piece and legs), put them on (equip into armor slots NOT vanity) and you can go through safely.

TIP: Right after you clear the blades, stop and swap back to your normal armor. If you stop as soon as you’re clear you’re still out of argo range of the next set of guards.

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it works if you put them in vanity too. :slight_smile:

Interesting, I tried that originally and it didn’t work for me. Now that was 2 -3 years ago so it might have changed.

Yea, they must have changed it, because I remembered the same, but this year I decided to try again to put those items in vanity slots, and it worked… :grin: