Stuck inside clan home

My server is #2505 and im stuck inside a player home owned by clan tal-vashoth and really need to leave. I have no access to any of the doors and if i kill my character ill lose everything i have. Please help. Im on xbox series x and my gamertag is MmM Spartec if any member of the clan is on this message board please respond

how did you get inside? Teleporter?

The door was open and i went inside and stuff started loading and everywhere i go theres not an exit that will allow non members to exit. Its a pve server so i dont understand why i cant exit. Im hoping that they will see this or ill log in tomorrow to find a member because i dont want to lose my armor and weapons and my tools.

Even on a PVE server you cant interact with other player’s stuff…hmmmmm maybe you can try logging out and logging back in and while stuff is loading in maybe you can head out before it loads, maybe

Have you advanced sorcery at all? If you have rip your bracelet then summon your body.