Stuck slave in a battle with a Red Dragon

Regarding the inappropriate behavior of the slaves, I will add that the slave fighter gets stuck under the dragon (red mother) in an unnamed city. If the dragon conducts a series of attacks, the slave begins to make vertical jumps falling into the ground, and as a result, he gets stuck in the sand up to his head without the ability to attack. This problem was earlier, but not as critical as it is now. To kill a dragon, you need not 3 minutes as before, you need 10 minutes, or even more, and with a high risk of death. I see that the physical form of the dragon mesh does not interact correctly with the physical form of the slave - fighter mesh, or if viewed from the other side, it allows for slave-fighter to pass through the physics of the ground. Please pay attention to this because it is just torture if you are fighting such an enemy alone.

Thank you for your attention and forgive for errors in the text if there are any (I use a translator)

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Brother this has been an issue for around 3 years and I’ve been harassing them to try and fix it.
Rhino mesh used to be a major problem too because you’d get stuck in his head, they managed to fix that but they’ve still left dragon mechanics untouched. And it’s not a problem with the dragon entirely, I don’t think.
I’m pretty sure it’s largely to due with the uneven terrain in Unnamed City, and that all the ground isn’t like a 100% solid object. I’ve also noticed this especially for the area near the Red Mother. The layout for the Unnamed City is basically sand with glitched pieces of stone on top of it.

I mentioned before, I set up my base by the Nordheimers territory and I got purged by Cimmerian Beast Tamers. Long story short, final wave was a white dragon (whose move list is the exact same as the Red Mother) and what a surprise, there was no issues in fighting it. No thralls got pummeled into the ground and I was able to defeat it in less than a minute.

It’s actually been such a pain for me trying to play over the years I’ve almost lost all interest. I log on once a week to refresh decay because I can’t even take my thrall out and kill some bosses without there being some game breaking bug.

The patch notes for the upcoming update 2.4, currently in TestLive, indicate that it’s supposed to solve that problem:

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I really hope that’s the case, it would mean I could finally return to the game as I already know they’ve been fixing and tweaking the buggy thralls.

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I have experienced many problems with my slaves as well. My slave was lost, he just did not return to me. I hope it is solved. :disappointed_relieved:

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