Stuttering game play

Game mode: Single player solo
Problem: Performance stuttering game play
Crash dump link : N/A

Title: when playing (form the start and not using the admin panel for any cheats progressing as normal),once i get past “shaman’s rise” for some reason the game starts to stutter about every 30sec or so.

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Repro steps:
1.start new game(solo) and progress as normal, make your way to location.
2.goto the area that is just northwest of “the corner of bones”, there is
a large empty cliff area that is above a hyena den, this is where i built
my base(my base consists of a tier 2, 11x11 pyramid) and noticed the game stutters the most.
3.last played 4/16/2018, test live is up to date.
4.system spec: Intel i75820k 3.30ghz, 16gig ram, 850evo SSD, GeForce GTX1070, 850wattPS