Subscription renewal went through, but account is still F2P locked (declined old payment info in payment history)

Hello dear support team,

as stated in the title, I wanted to renew my subscription but the old payment options were bugged (again), so I had to delete them and create new ones - one 12 month subscription went through (paid) but another one was declined (old payment option tried) so I am stuck with a F2P account now, even though I paid for another 12 months and the payment was processed. Can you please delete the declined orders so I can actually use what I have paid for? Hope you are here and can help @AndyB , seeing as you could help many other players with the same issue (it should get fixed already tbh, this is like the 4th time I run into this issue in the last 4 years - and I have been playing this game since release). Thanks in advance.

[Ticket number #1161997]

Best regards, stay safe

Bump #1 - one week passed, still no answer from support yet.

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