Subterranean Mines

Almost every game I’ve played in the last decade that has included mineral gathering has had players scraping along the surface to gather the valuable ore. What ever happened to descending into ink black bowls of the earth to pry treasure from her stoney grasp? The echoing of distant picks, the flickering latern casting dancing images of demons and ghouls on the walls, what’s not to love? Controlling access to these excavations would be of utmost strategic importance and could lead to lots of fun player interaction.

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100% agree that this would be awesome, although to some extent it is already in the game with places like the Sinners Cave.

There is that silver mining area near the Relic Hunter city where there is a closed off mining entrance.

Maybe after launch they will open up an underground mining area there.

Deathspire Ruins, Weaver’s Retreat, etc.

I agree even if they just put a fraction of the current nodes into mini dungeons that would be more thematic.