Mining as high tier resource farming and exploration of the ground in separate, sandbox generated instances


I have a fresh idea, perhaps. Considering interaction and freedom of player choices, there might be a way to add depth quite literally to places.

How about the player being able to craft a “mine shaft entrance”, which is a loaddoor for a new level.
The player will then be able to go inside, and keep mining stone and ore’s, and eventually use explosive orbs or wood & fire to extend the shaft deeper up to a maximum depth by x stages.
Each stage is a pre-produced shape that snaps together.
The Mines could have different themes depending on the environment: high plateau: rock, lower redwoods: dirt and so forth.
Now, whenever a new part of the mine is opened by fire or explosion, and ceiling collides, you have to move things out (you could consider a lorry and a horse but thats cosmetics and not necessary).

Behind, you could have good luck, and ore deposits await, or a small underground river, - or animal creatures like the bugs, or demonic creatures (the deeper you get).

It could be a way to add gameplay value and ambushes with creatures as well as resources and make use of building and interaction gameplay. Maybe it also fits nicely for one or the other player roleplaying and building a nice castle.

I know, its very blank at this level, but combined with some of your dungeon ideas or mechanics, maybe it is a useful concept?



Hey there , how would you implement this on PvE-C/PvP servers ? i get that from a PVE point of view this seems cool, but the problems starts when we speak of PVE-C and PVP , since going out of your base to farm is , on those server , supposed to be ‘dangerous’ .

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Instants homes in general is neat idea.

Specifically when you turn said home into Arena…

Really, they could add “dungeons” that are simply resource farms, and they can slap random spawns.

Some of Dungeons could use more resources to… I’m sure the loads times be even worse… so maybe not. XD

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Well this new instance, this new level can be linked to a “real region” on the map, so if you go deep inside your cave, it might be possible that on the same spot on the world map, another player digs a mine shaft and you end up with a tunnel, that directly leads towards your base, only protected by a door. So you want to be careful.

On top of that, ambushes of under earth creatures should be pretty dangeorus. you have not much space to evade or escape there, and then, they basically stand at your backdoor.

so that should give some threat to players using mining.

Sounds interesting for pve. Don’t think it is feasible for servers to handle it with all the current issues we already have.

It’s not possible due to ue4.15.3 limitation. And lack of plugin to make that happen I have done something similar but it’s not what you expect but there a weird kill zone under the map that kills any players below a certain z axis

Oh, out of personal interest, also working “under ground” in Unreal 4, in what arrea would i have to expect the “killing zone” ?

cheers and thank you

Well the anti-undermesh system is activated on pvp servers ( it’s a combination of allowed time undermesh and allowed distance undersmesh squared settings ) . For the Exiles Land map , siptah doesn’t have it active yet . For pve / pve-C servers it’s not active ( at least for now ) .

About your question of the area , well I believe you’ll find it all over the map ( at 3m under the ground level ) on PVP settings. ( To be noted that there are still some areas that are being looked at since the system isn’t 100% finished )


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