Suffering withdrawals

Went out and returned to find computer tower opened for cleaning fans, all put back together and… omg would not switch on. connections seem okay, maybe power pack issue or power switch cable broken. Waiting on game downloading to a laptop, is taking forever.

Words of wisdom… do not let others near your precious toys

If anyone reads this in the next few hours can they let Pickall know that I will be into game as soon as I can.

Send your friend a PM, but they are currently not responding. Hopefully they will see it before a relog.


Thank you very much. I owe you big time

np just hope they see it =)

Did you work out what was up with your desktop?

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Not yet, checked all the connections, they seem in okay nothing seems loose. Took the memory out and reseated it.

I have great fear that after using a brush to clean cpu fan the system has been zapped by static. The self appointed expert computer engineer/cleaner does not take any precautions with things. He took the heatsink off to clean it in case that was a problem, did not clean off the paste and renew it, said it was not needed, there was still a bit of sticky paste on both the surfaces. So that could be another problem now.

Other options are a wire connecting front panel switch pulled or the power pack stopped working.

When i get some thermal paste I will strip all, clean any loose dust in the case and connections then put back together and try again. At the moment it is totally dead, not even fans working.

I think you have a justifiable defense for this person “disappearing”. Short of that, I would honestly file charges in the amount of a new computer. Seriously. I’m dead serious. Destruction of property is a crime intentional or otherwise. I’d sue my own mother for damages if she jacked up my computer.

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He nearly disappeared (by his own hand) last time he killed a motherboard, old computer fitting a second hard drive and had no idea what primary/slave jumper pins to use, managed to cross the jumper and instant “Poof”. It was still plugged in and switched on when he did it.

If this is not the first time then why is said person still in a position to even do this? That starts to spin the blame back around to you.