[SUG] Repair the WALLS

As listed by others,
Replacing a wall(anything) while an enemy is near by, should not be acceptable. (hence repair hammers.)
Repair hammers do not reach far enough to repair damages to things not in front of you that are blocking the things behind it.
Bombs damage EVERYTHING for 1 damage, it is unacceptable, unless Walls(anything) slowly regens HP over time (as it should.) Me having to waste 500 steel and then some, to fix 1 damage is pointless.
Repair Thralls, should be added to the game. They go around repairing damage to walls they are in the area of.
Cost of Mats, to fix things is nearly no different then making a NEW pcs. it should not cost so much.
Default T1-T3 should be the ONLY one you craft/create, DLC stuff should be just SKINs, added on top(or change) the default look.

and lastly, as i repeat.
T4 building should be added to the game made from Star Metal.


If star metal had some snake repellent properties or anything else similarly special, I’d fetch some right away to imbue every single structure I have even if they weren’t made from T4 blocks. Currently there’s no incentive why anyone would do so beyond the beholding of the event itself or some cosmetic variety or a journey step. This is why I haven’t bothered with the material and I continue the path until there’s a believable fitting reason for me to find some.

In essence, the materials shouldn’t be regarded merely as cosmetic gateways; stretch goals, that is. Exploration due gated content is never a healthy platform to build upon.

Yea, having some magic crap would be interesting, but far excessive. Having T4 stronger, is enough. if you wish to stay in T3 by all means do so. but Star Metal has nearly no real use. and having Building T4 made of it, would give it much need attention it deserves. Sure it should look out right godly, but once again, some locations are small and having the extra HP would help them be more valued.

The DLCs as they are, are basicly Just skins, so why not just put them for what they are. Sure the Armors are different and useful, and honestly almost Pay to Win. but the weapons are garbage, and are never used.
Besides that, having 500 different building types in my crafting table as well as in my chest is outright consuming. it would take nothing, to just build in default T3, and then “replace” the blocks with the new skin, which is basicly what you do but it will remove the COST.
Lets face the fact, when a new DLC comes out, You have to PAY to change your whole base into the new look. why should we have to pay in all those mats for just the LOOK of the cosmetics? we shouldnt. we got the DLC, we should be able to APPLY the DLC, we already paid for the DLC, now you need to PAY for the mats?

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