Suggested Fixes, Added content, Etc

Now this I haven’t played Conan Exiles long played it a weee bit during Game preview on Steam, and then just got it a couple days ago for xbox. So my ideas, and majority of my suggestion on how to fix some key issues as well as really common sense issues that can be fixed really is solely based on what I have dealt with plus with my friends.

Gameplay Issues

  1. My first issue is the climbing granted it is a very nice change of pace from other games which just let you fall, and it is game over basically you either die or don’t. Key issue that needs to be fixed is how the fall damage is calculated, and why this bothers me majority of falls that you are going to have to deal with due to how the map is set up it can be very troublesome. Now base falls really shouldn’t hurt the player much if at all. For instance Ark fall damage is percent based off the maximum health as well as height. The issue with this game is HEIGHT a basic fall oh say a cliff side which normally even for a human it be a breeze with a very small chance of a messed up sprain. This game issue where it could result in a 75% health damage, or instant death which to be fair is really unfair due to climbing mechanics are wacky where you can jump off and cling to the wall yet it yanks you to the floor at a unreasonable speed which still kills you. So here is some ideas to fix the climbing/ fall damage:
  1. Add additional equipment such as ( Climbing Rope/ Hooks, attachable climbing gear to hand/foot gear, and primitive glider or something near a safety shot).

  2. Re- look at fall damage to properly match health on a % base instead of flat to go with the height difference to properly give out proper damage, and not instant kill or badly wound someone for the most trivial of falls.

  3. Re-look at the climbing mechanics again, or rocks whichever the cause is, and try to pinpoint why it throws you off the rock even though it shouldn’t.

  1. Now my biggest grief is the whole I guess I could say its the stats set up this mostly involves how a character is going to be built for, and to be fair that could make it very hard for a solo player cause it can limit the abilities they are able to obtain. The perk system is a great idea, but at the same time it is a giant pain due to how limited it causes your characters to be, and with how this game is you are either a fighter, or a gather/builder. Not much for a in-between builds I looked heavily into the perks trying to make a character to be useful in all around aspects, and I guess either I am just bad at that, or there isn’t a possible way to do it. So here is some ideas I came up with to help out with some of the issues:
  1. Encumbrance due to this being a very very important stat for this game cause it can mean you either can move, or be a walking target. Why not add a Thrall wagon which could help allot of builders, hoarders, and even warriors out. Have 3 styles of wagons ( changeable cosmetic looks via skins from the alters " Why not lol " ) Small, Medium, Large or medium, large, well bigger then large. Have them movable via thralls of course having a set number of thralls for each level to maximize potential. This would make it where instead of having to walk around, and be in danger of being soloed out by pvpers/ Pve enemies you can have a caravan style episode occur. The thought came from Ark and Empyrion via Dino/ Hovercraft usefulness for carrying supplies due to the character lack of weight.

  2. The level cap should be raised to at least 80, or if we really wanna push the envelope hit a 100 cap, and then rework the perk system around that. Which could lead to characters having more diversity upon what they can do, build, and etc for me that would be a plus I would like to hear more suggestions about this one.

Right now this is all I could come up with by myself, and I am discussing stuff with buddies to find suggestions that could further Conan more. If you have any ideas >.< do send them so I can add them up on my next post. Again this post was made by my views over the past months of the games gameplay issues that I have run into, and stuff that has bothered me.