Suggestion about the upper right region of the map

I noticed that on the map room, the top right of the map has an immense forest, my suggestion is the inclusion of this forest dominated by picts peoples equal to the comics, including the four new dungeons can be there, and at the edge of the forest , at the end of the map could have a huge abandoned castle with interesting mysteries concerning an extinct kingdom.

Or else, swap the forest through the sea and islands with dangeons and sea monsters.
And also the possibility of building a boat to navigate the region.

What do you think?


While I agree with your suggestion I also know that Funcom has said this map cannot and won’t be expanded more than with the promised dungeons - As I understand it technically isn’t possible because of limitations in Unreal engine, but we can hope for an expansion map at some point with Picts and perhaps sailing although I doubt the sailing will ever be a thing :slight_smile:

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