Suggestion collection with status


Lol, i think you nailed it, i’d call it incompetence though.


NO! To the auction house idea …NO!


Slaves should be hungry, so that the unowned slaves in the wild will disappear.


Could you fix the issue where on Xbox one you when you log in to the game you get returned to the dashboard and have to load the game up again. You have to do this 3+ times before you can actually play the game. Then when you finally get in and stay in the game the floors appear to be gone and you float around in mid air and to fix it you have to re-log.


I really would like to see more traps like the spike trap you had once in the game. What’s about rope traps and other mechanics we could use. Or secret doors or steel bars to build? We could use them to defend our base better against raiding and the purge.


Only have two suggestions the first suggestion is that are we going to be able to knock out players and then the other suggestion. When are we going to be able to put people in cages for their crimes basically. I know people think this is basically from ark metaphors but I have no disposition to even see what type of system y’all can do better than what they have.


There also been a request for alliances system. When is that actually coming?.


Mannequins or display cases for your armour, ability to go prone, load outs for gear as in weapons and armor, grapple hooks to scale walls, blocking with double handed swords, hide helmet while wearing it, bear traps, cages to store knocked out tralls to later tame in the WOP, wearable crystal medalion that emit dim lightning it can be an unlock recipe after unlocking torch or at higher levels can free a slot needed to carry torches auto activation at night or in caves, good for dual weapon carry or sword shield combo.


Can we get some more hair styles and the ability to change hairstyles? A short afro would look great for my Darfari lady warrior character.

A pale skin tone would be nice too. Like, albino type.


Please disable the “Make Me Admin” in single player mode. It is not fun to play the game when there is “click here to win” button hanging in the menu. People should still be able to activate the admin mode through text commands if they desire.


Purges should only happen when a player from the clan is online. Let there then be a dialog pop up that ask if you are ready to begin the purge now. Give us the option to start it now, or delay it until later.

Never have a purge when the player(s) are not on line.


We (Admins) need a “Totem” (or something like that) to claim areas and make the buildings inside invulnerables to damage and decay.



Just don’t click that button, easy solution. In my opinion that button should stay as it is. :slight_smile:


Adding a HIGH Level and gear area would be awsome, the idea behind it being you need the best gear and equipment to just survive up there. The best down low wont get you far at all making the need for new weapons and armor to stay alive up there.Make it difficult with good loot and new armors and weapons. If balancing becomes a problem make it pve/pve-c only


Sometimes I agree but then the reality is danger should come at any time during raid hours


The “Make Me Admin” button does have a mental effect on the players. I don’t see other games that take the single player experience seriously have a similar button easily accessible in their menu. Look at The Sims or Minecraft (Survival mode) for example, you can use cheat codes or creative mode in both games but the game is not breaking the immersion for the players by displaying a cheat button.


The admin button has already been changed once for those that have weak self-control. I do not want it changed again to make it even more annoying to use.


I got your point. But in the end it is a sandbox game that everyone should play as they want and in my opinion many players use admin mode to build large bases or cities and that’s why i don’t want that the button will go away. It should stay as it is, as i said before.


There’s a mod[1] that removes the admin mode completely from the game… IMO it’s too harsh for normal play, but if you want that, it exists.

Perhaps you’d be better requesting politely in Steam workshop forums and maybe a modder can make a mod that removes the MakeMeAdmin button from the UI?

[1] Here’s the mod -> “StraysNoAdmin”


I would like to add to General QOL Suggestion list an adjustable 3rd person view.