Suggestion for All Armourer and Blacksmith Stations

Would it be possible to add some “display only” buttons on all the armourer benches that allow you to see just headgear only, torso only, hands only, legs only and feet only.

I’m sure, like me, players get annoyed having to scroll through the long list of all armour when they are looking for something specific. Being able to search through your lists for a specific category of items would be a HUGE QoL improvement, especially when players are looking for certain visuals for transmogs or min/maxxing builds with gear from different sets.

The search bar doesn’t help much if you don’t know if your looking a catregory where things are named differently. Eg: boots, sabatons, sandals etc. It would be so much easier and better if you could just search “Footwear”.

Similarly a set of extra buttons on the blacksmith for “Tools” and various weapon categories would also be very helpful.

I also run a mod called “Armour and Weapon Stats in Bench”
In the armour bench it gives you a lot more information and is very helpful when using vanilla/ dlc or even weapon and armour mods such as;

  • Armour Value
  • Weight
  • Temp Ratings
  • Armour type (Heavy/Medium/Light)
  • Special Attribute (eg Strength weapon dmg +8%)
  • Health Damage
  • Armour Penetration
  • Temp ratings
  • Harvest Power (For tools)
  • and more/other useful info depending on the item.

Check out the attached images to see what extra info this mod gives.
It would be another huge QoL improvement to have this included in the main game.


CE_Armour Bench
(on tools)



Item bloat has become a real thing in the game. I own all DLCs except Yamatai, as well as quite a lot of Battlepass and even some Bazaar items. Filtering options to workbenches would be extremely welcome.

I love the way they did the Construction menu, with tabs and subfolders for different building styles. It’s so much easier to find the objects I want to build than the old hand-crafting menu.

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