UI improvements - great amount of new items

Well, well, well… where to start. Every new Age and every chapter brings us a new portion of different items - weapons, armour, pets and so one. Both free and paywall - no matter. The deal is that with every update there are more and more of them. And sometimes it’s become difficult to operate with all that icons. Yea, yea I know that there is opportunity to type name of the item directly, but anyway - I’m pretty sure that mostly people go by pictures - usually its simplier and quicker.

Overall, my suggestion is to add few filters to armour and smith craftbenches and additional category for pets.

And more specific.

Lets start from armorers. Idea is to create 2 filters (and obviously to leave ability to sort by name).
1st - category of armour - light, medium, heavy and shields. (Padding should be always first). That categories can be displayed with 4 buttons with icons. For example schematic icons of base armour sets: “light” - turban, “medium” - hat with mask, “heavy” - hat with horns aside and “shields” - well icon of shield.
2nd - filter in the form of a list with buffs that armour provide - you can open list of that buffs and choose the one you need.
"Chose category

  • strength
  • agility
  • concussive damage
    … and so on"

Due to that I can press “light”, chose “concussive”
And I’ll get avaible icons of “Turanian Scout”, " Nemedian Scout" sets parts and etc. .

Weapons - same to be able to sort them not by DLC, but by kind of item.
Filter or icons - swords, maces, axes, 2h swords, construction parts, tools, …
Just to eazy filter that kind of item that you need. DLC items are usually easy to find - they are enlightened with specific colours and there is no need to additionally highlight them.

And last one - Pets
When I start new game half of my, emm … lets say “handbench” is crammed with pet skins: Horses, rhinos, wolfs, hyenas and so on. They should have different category - cause they make “handbench” bulky and uncomfortable to operate. And solve of that can be new construction option in “Apprentice Tamer Knowledge” - some kind of “Beastpainter Bench” for example. All kind of fodder: “Sorcery pet food”, Tainted Fodder", … and all kind of skins can be found in that bench. The look of the bench can be created from existing assets - a stool, a bucket of paint and that part stretched leather from a tannery covered in some paints\warpaint. Minimal efforts, will not be huge, looks nice,(also will not bother people who don’t use animals). Profit.

What do you guys think? Does that has rational seed or is that some sort of crap?

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