Suggestion: Idea possible to change the design of buildings

In the game has a lot of races. I think that for each race or group of races must to be different design of buildings. it would be logical and interesting for the game. the developer said that different designs of buildings will not be done. no details. just said that they do not plan. I’ll try to give an idea to solve this problem with minimal resources. maybe they will read and think.

So, there is a game Empyrion. This is also survival. There, too, you can build. So, in this game you can to build object and there is a function for changing the design of the object. This is for beauty. In game are many designs for object for walls, ceilings, floors etc. THis is just for change design of object. I thought, why not to add the same function in CE. Make it so that each race or groups of races has possible has own design of the building. The objects of the foundation of buildings will remain the same. One race or group races will be possible has his own design for this object.

I think it will be very interesting.

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So you mean like a mesh with a different look on the existing building blocks?
Sounds like a nice idea that would be great to implement later.

doesnt Dark and Light have something like that? i saw some game recently but cant remember which one, has a similar building mechanic where you apply like a ‘coat of paint’ and it changes the visuals of the constructed building, like from brown rocks to grey and mossy, or sticks to lumber to succo to whatever.

i know that seppermeru city recently got a facelift but many buildings are still the same shapes. maybe it could be something along those lines [but in reverse, imo the orig buildings looked way better]

high level alchemy and crafting unlock, uses dyes and brushes [fiber + sticks] and gives you a couple more options to change the look of your base. but it would have to be a “one and done” thing to apply to an entire building, not per piece. could help with camoflauge too.

They do have some cultural decorative items in-game. Cimmerian braziers. Stygian braziers. There are some style items that you can use to set the theme of your base.

and ofc dont forget about FLAGS and BANNERS