Suggestion: Juggling

I always end up playing solo. Officials are ether old and well built on, or hacked. Privet servers seem to vanish in a month or 2. I’m retired and Conan is my game lol

But since the clock stops when I log out I end up having to stand around and do something while waiting for things to craft. So basically I spend a lot of time just juggling my balls. Be nice if I had some options for juggling.
Add juggleables to the light unlocks. As in torches, glow globes, witch fire balls, and radium orbs.
3 skulls darfari{?} loot adds them to your juggle items list.
3 daggers in the black hand pirates loot boxes to add daggers.
3 hatchets in the nordhimer{?} loots boxes, and so on.

Just a thought. :slight_smile:

After thought, put the items in your entertainers inventory and they will juggle. :smiley:


I like the juggling different things Idea.

As one retired old codger to another, I highly recommend the Dedicated Server Launcher.
Link in this thread

A server doesn’t take the kind of graphics power that the client needs, so if you have an older computer laying about you can use it to run your own server, it’s what I do.

So the clock needn’t stop when you need an afk.

You can still juggle your balls all you want of corse :wink:

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I like the idea, but emote scrolls/manuals would be a better option, similar to the Siptah ones. Having to carry around misc junk in the inventory isn’t all that great either.

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I play on thing one; older i7 4.2, 32gig, gtx1060. Thing 2 is identical except gtx1050 and is on my 42" to watch streaming 4K. so… :wink:

Finding the objects could be the same as reading a scroll. Once you find it; or make it on the artisan’s bench, right click on them in your inventory to add them to your misc emotes.

Juggle Orbs of Yezud :grin:

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