[SUGGESTION] Reskinning table/workbenches

Helloe everyone, as all we know CE have plenty of different armors with different stats but some of them completely outshine others with stats (for example silent legion vs any DLC) so my suggestion is to add a table(workbench) where you can reskin your crafted item (for example silent legion heavy helmet) into any other helmet with spending some kind of item (new dust/oiling dropped from legendary chests for example) and new workbench recipe can be obtained from UC power fragment casino.
hype for the looks ^^^

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People have been requesting this kind of thing for a long time.

While Funcom may eventually change their minds on it, the last statement on this topic was that they do not want armor to be customizable in that way and your general build should be identifiable by look.

yeah but your main build is VERY limited to dragon/legion armor or some siptah gear pieces. i agree that them can restrict reskinning of unique items like weapons, shields or aspect gear pieces but again - engame builds all look the same and other beautiful gear pieces are just trashed cuz of stats (heavy turanian are beautiful but gives agi ? seriously?)and dragon/legion gives 3 stats -_-

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