Suggestion: swimming pools

Hey guys, how are you doing today?

Well, we played Conan Exiles because we like the purpose offered by the game, in this case the medieval style.

I would like to propose a suggestion, which I think would be very good: add to the game the possibility of creating swimming pools.

Here is my suggestion of the possibility of creating swimming pools inside Conan, using a bucket of water in a place created with blocks or other materials that the game provides.


PS.: If you want to know what I’m talking about, go to Google Images and search for Roman Swimming Pool, Greek Swimming Pool and for Egyptian Swimming Pool.


I have seen some creative uses of the existing landscape and water ways to create “swimming pools” and such, the ability to create one anywhere would be welcomed.


For technical reasons it cannot be done as the bucket idea with out adding new mechanics but a placeables that have descent size and depth could be feasible depending but otherwise it cannot be done


You can build them but yes, cool idea!

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Could possibly either use a single placeable item that works similar to a well, ie a pre designed pool or hot spring that must be placed on foundations or create a pit with a specially designed fence foundation, regular walls and foundations, that slowly fills with water over time.


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