Underwater base

can there be like somthing so we can build underwater and created a airpokket or a pipe that goes above the water it would create a new fun raiding tactic and more places to build

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and more use of the underwater breathing poitions

Underwater bases do look nice and appear interesting but I’m not sure that the belong in Conan.

Does it really make sense to have an underwater base with a game like it? Yes, if it’s done in the right way.

If magic was used perhaps it would be more fitting in the game. However that being said, I’m not sure there’s much to offer from having an underwater base. There is not a lot of places where you’d be able to make a large one. The jungle and some spots in the desert would be the best option.

If there was another map for Conan with more mater I could see it having more utility but right now I’m not sure what an underwater base could offer for the game.

It would have to be a completely different DLC building style and the costs should be double or higher. You can’t expect a sandstone structure to be water and air tight. Also speaking of air…I would require planted planters to act like fireplaces…get to far away and you start your breath meter.

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