Suggestions About Food

In Rise of the Tomb Raider, there’s a survival mode and you have to fight to survive, gather treasures, and see how long you can last before you die. In this mode, you have to keep track of your hunger and how cold you were. What’s interesting is you have a reserve bar around your hunger bar.
Like if you ate enough berries to fill yourself up, you could give yourself extra food to tide you over.
Though you couldn’t build a base like you can in Conan, you had to go into caves to warm up, which had treasure on them.
It’d be neat if we could have a reserve hunger and thirst system like in Rise.
Another suggestion is info for food while in the Stove/Fermentation Barrel. See how much hunger or thirst something has, if it makes you hotter or colder, expiration time, max stack, stuff like that.

Like to bank food?

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