Suggestion's to DEV team to improve replay value, longevity, player experience and propose a unique approach

The feat system was a great addition to this type of game and helps add something for players to work towards that can also benefit them (even by a small amount) in future game sessions. Adding onto this type of system would improve many aspects of not only this game, but this game genre in general, which it currently lacks.


  • Implement the ability to collect and keep relics that can be used from game to game.
  • Each game has a random chance to spawn different relics which can be collected (A players hero can only leave the game with 2 relics - this makes the player choose if they want to keep the relics they entered the game with; or replace their relics with the newly found relics, in their current game). Overall this helps improve replayability, as there is a chance to find new or improved relics each game. (Measures to prevent relic farming should also be considered).

In addition to the feat system, a progressive hero leveling system would bring a new replayability to work towards, additionally this also provides a very small boost of help to players who are trying to climb through the unlimited waves “Unconquered” mode. This system could be added as a completely separate “Unconquered” mode in case the player base is concerned with a progressive leveling system affecting the “classic unconquered player point ranks”.

  • Each Hero has their own unique level. Allowing you to level up each Hero individually.
  • This system would work well if there are plans to continue adding new playable Hero’s.
  • Honestly, I’d prefer there was no level cap implemented either.

An example of this system:
*Players can choose Conan and play up to Wave #4 (Reaching Veteran hero level 2) and soon be defeated on Wave #5. The next game the player starts in “Unconquered Mode” the player hero will start out at level 2.

To compliment, replace or be added to the Progressive Hero Leveling System. Add a hero skill point(tree) system that progresses from game to game. An example that comes to mind is the Starcraft 2 Coop commander skill point system. But instead, this would be specific to hero attributes. The ability to choose specific tree paths would allow players to customize and compliment their unique play style for that specific Hero. This not only provides a reason to continue replaying game after game to level up, but allows players to approach their game differently. This also adds a new synergy mechanic to Coop gameplay mode.

Path Tree Skill Examples:

  • Increase attack speed by 0.03% (3/1000)
  • Increase skill cooldown by 0.05% (5/1000)
  • Increase life regeneration by 0.07% (7/1000)
  • Increase attack speed of allies within 20 meters by 0.001% (1/10000)

I think adding many more additional feats could improve this aspect of the game. I also like how you implemented multiple tiers. (For once achievements in a game that actually do something)

Additional Feat Examples:

  • feats which increase food/gold production
  • decrease upkeep costs for buildings
  • decrease repair costs
  • increase unit attack speed while in tower
  • increase building fire resistance
  • increase specific unit disease resistance
  • increase time between waves by 30 seconds (may need to be limited in some way if feat has multiple tiers)

Introduce a system which allows you to accumulate/bank and purchase additional bonuses, passives, items, or whichever from the points that are gained after victory or defeat. This could even be introduced as a passive skill system similar to the feat system, but have more specific build/hero diverse passives. Or even generic ones such as “+0.1% passive self repair to all buildings”.

If there are future plans to add additional hero’s (which I hope new heroes will continue to be introduced [These could be introduced as DLC’s, An option to utilize the “score point purchase system” could be used by players to alternatively buy new Hero’s & Player/Building/Weapon skins".

The above suggestions would compliment additional heroes and also reinforces Hero usage (which seems to be the intended goal - which is also a great feature that makes this game stand out from the rest).


I love this idea, I’ve put about 13 hours into the game already and was thinking the same thing as above. I feel the game will get repetitive quick without some level of progression to keep players engaged. More involvement and ownership over the Heroes would really amplify the experience and bring people back. Something in between games to work towards. Having a prize in mind that has immediate ROI makes it more interesting.

Another idea is to have x3 Different Skill Trees for your profile; Hero, Building, Attack Units. Each tree can add minor improvements to your style of game play.

Hero Tree - Like stated above
Building Tree - Reduce Upkeep Cost, Reduce Build Times, Increase Radius, etc…
Attack Units - Reduce Initial Cost, Reduce Upkeep for X Units, Increase Movement Speed, Increase Range, etc…

Small improvements but with time and leveling can make a difference when you start to push endless waves.


This would be amazing ! Even if they added one of these features I’d be happy, I like the feat features already but it would be great to have a lot more to keep making you come back over and over. Unfortunately getting a hi score doesn’t make me want to play a game over and over.

Hey @Cruelty

We remember reading these suggestions on the Steam forums. They’re great and pretty well articulated. We sent them to the devs so they could take them into consideration for future adjustments and additions :slight_smile:

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