Possible "between-games" levelling system + more heroes

Hello. So first off, I haven’t played Conan Unconquered a whole bunch yet, mainly to try it out real quick before going to a friend where we’ll check the gameplay out a bit further together and such.
That said, with what I’ve experienced so far, I do want to suggest a few things - mainly a few things that I figure might be interesting.

Now, the first thing I’m going to suggest will be a levelling system that’d follow one of two routes.

1: A general account-wide levelling system that, as an example, might unlock perks that boost your army or buildings in some way. Now, the idea I personally had, would be that said perks unlock at certain level intervals and might be interchangeable.
So for example, you might unlock 2 perks at level 5 (or 10, or something like it) that gives you a toggleable choice of 2 perks (or more, depends on how many perks would be available per interval if this was a thing of course) - the first perhaps boosting swordsmen and the other might boost javelinmen, or even give heroes a teensy boost in fighting prowess for that matter.

2: The second route would literally be a levelling system for heroes “out of game”, so that you only levelled up as the hero you played during a match.
Now, I know there is the in-game veterancy system for them, but a levelling system that followed them between games could, like the one above, perhaps unlock various boosts for the heroes - or even specialize them and boost the army of the player controlling the hero, or something.
Could even just unlock cosmetic changes, so there won’t be a bucketload of stat changes or something due to it.

Edit - 05/02/2021: This second levelling system route, would essentially be similar to how Starcraft 2s Coop Commanders works, at least based on how I imagine it.

Now, the other thing I’d like to suggest is some more heroes. One that I’m sure has been thought of already, and another that I figured might also perhaps be interesting.

1: Red Sonja. Now this one I figure might already have been a thought, given how iconic she is and all. I don’t have much in the way of how she’d work (same for the other, aside from a few things at least), but I imagine it’d be a neat addition to the roster - provided more heroes are of course intended.

2: Razma of Shem. I also thought Razma could be interesting. She doesn’t really do much, besides provide some lore-related bits, in Conan Exiles and, if I’m not mistaken, the “end result” of her dialogue is literally her leaving alongside Conan. So, with my reasoning sort of being that they met/know each other in Conan Unconquereds “story” as well, she could’ve come with him to where he went - and therefore ended up helping him in Khoraja.
Personally I’d like to see her in the intro-cinematic gear she has, at the end. Conan Exiles’ heavy armor, wielding the axe that Conan gave her and a shield. Perhaps she could be a tank hero, given she’ll be wearing heavier armor than the other characters involved, and somehow have an ability that taunts and makes her take less damage or something-or-other.

Anywho, so far I find it to be a pretty neat game! Just had those couple of suggestions burning - particularly the levelling system is something I’d love to see, even though I don’t know how difficult it might be to chuck in.