Support pve-c official server doesn t exist

I sended 20 tickets and the day after they always put problem solved. Are 2 months i cant play the game for the lagging, freezing and invisible mob or construction! I have 1gb internet connection and play with ps5. What i can do for have solution and go back to play? Thanks

How many people are on your server?

Normaly from 10 to 20. The problem is in all server pvp-c. I reset everything more than one time but nothing

Which server?

1041 is not working

Get off LAN, switch to Wi-Fi… Somehow the game doesn’t work properly with LAN. (especially at that speed) I and a couple of clan members go thru the same if we try to play on LAN connection.


I tryed but still the same, also restart the pg

The problem is with all official server pve-c.

Dang. Sorry to hear that. Maybe the other Wi-Fi option? Like the 2.4 instead of the 5.0 or vise versa. Idk I was able to get my game to work that way.

I cant put 2.4 because is only 5

Is it only pvec related?

Maybe try to lower your mtu? Sometimes this causes problems.

You could Google how you get your correct mtu settings for your network but I think it would be enaugh just to play around with it and set it to 1400 for example and see what happens.

You can set the mtu at when you go to manual network configurations instead of automatically.