Surviving as a solo player on official PVP server, may be a solution, advice needed

I think we have to rethink our playstyle for solo players. (No god protection, too hard to farm alone)

The big problem is that a big base with multiples T3 walls, fighting thralls and animals are useless for defense. With one trebuchet that cost nothing you wipe all. A vault is only 25 bombs to wipe. Pillar base the same (trebuchet tower).

I am considering building only a 5x5x2 T3 for crafting stations + a wheel of pain T3 building + a vault for 600 steel. Then duplicate this in fews areas of the map (monts, asgard, serp …) and have a safe house 4x4x1 hidden in the montains to sleep.

In each base only T2 thralls for basic crafting, then a T4 bearer always with me that carry T4 thralls (armorer, carpenter, blackswith …).

Each small base is not very attractive to raid, and I will lose only a wall and basic ressources. The other advantage is that it cost less ressources to build and less animals pets and fighting thralls to get.

So safer and faster? What do you think? :slight_smile:

I solo exclusively on Official PvP servers, and you have the right idea.

If you have been hit, and you are starting over, think small… and think hidden or out of the way. I think you are coming around to the right idea.

As a solo player, building large really isn’t very sustainable. Unless you are large, and low-pop and/or very “out of the way.” Vaults are handy for large capacity storage. But they are also big. Stacked chests get you much better “small storage”. If you are going small, and you have a couple of small “public” (non-hidden) outposts, go ahead and put a vault or two outside for temporary, raw materials storage. Just remember that anything out in the open is going to be a target. Store things there accordingly. You do not want your popped vault to “finance the raid.”

Build separate buildings for functional purpose. Build your wheels where you need them. But make sure that they are done/empty, taskmaster stored away either in a chest or elsewhere before raid hours.

If you are setting up many modular remote sites, you may want to plan your building materials accordingly. Use the DLC T3 to indicate your separate base sites. That way, if you see something in the logs, you can respond immediately to the site that is being damaged.

I think you’re definitely getting the idea. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Solo players are dead after they nerfed vaults. You can survive several months hiden on a server with a small population, but as soon as a team will come for you it will be the defeat ensures. For me it’s a waste of time.

I guess it depends on the server. Im on an official PVP server and theres been almost no pvp. Ive been killed thru a window or something couple times when I was logged off, but thats it. Now Im lvl 60 with a base and about to go build a T2 base on top of a mountain… Ive been solo all the time.

I have a feeling this server is more pve than pvp…

edit: just as I wrote that, some solo dude tried to attack my thralls for the first time in a week…

If you plan to go solo, I encourage you to spend sone time in SP in god mode running/flying around with a pillar or foundation out. It’s the best way to find spots you would dream you could build in because they’re so tedious to check when online

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