Suspension for reporting cheats and bugs

They also banned my account for recording (what they call harassment) the unscrupulous players, videos that they request from Funcom for the report, I mean they ask for videos and ban you for recording them?? I have sent more than 5 requests to reestablish my account and funcom does not respond.

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Oh my god, its so sad, how they can do this to others! We need justice now!


Justo cometas Silas, ahora voy a subir los videos de tu compañera dañando otras bases.

Im feeling threated, please dont threat me, im a good christian. May the justice prevail. We gonna take care of your base while you are away.

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Silas no es una amenaza, solo voy a informar a Funcom el daño que causan al juego con trampas. No te preocupes por mi base, tengo buenos compañeros cuidándola.

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We gonna miss you.

You are the most cheeky and toxic thing there is, so toxic that you make a sect in a game.


Dear augusto, words can hurt. I just wanna make friends and respect the rules.

By breaking the rules and harassing you, you don’t become friends, so you just get upset and don’t let others play.

Are you augusto from Enclave de Set? I love your bases, its sad that they break the rules.

The bases that break the rules have been eliminated, don’t worry about the rest, they are fine, and what you just did is a threat, you are the worst, bothering everyone, and not allowing anyone to play.

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I just return from my annual peregrination, i am a victim too, all my churches have been attacked by the bald demon. They break, stole and peed on my stuff. Please help us funcom.


You also do the same as the peeler, you are recorded, and your pilgrimage is called ban.

Why you changed your account? Did you peregrinate too?

Yes, but not for breaking the rules like you, but for spam reporting for no reason.

Spamming reporting for no reason is breaking the rules. Lets be friends augusto.

That’s what you and your friends do, all the time, when you’re not there, people can play with peace of mind.

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:brazil: servers @Community
Recomendo que envie ticket para o suporte ZENDESK informando o problema

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there are ducks like him in all the servers. so I invite you to read the rules before playing .

Sorry for your pain