Sven Mq Rebel Rambles

Man, I’ve been travelling many different worlds, and now here I am.

I guess I should’ve started off with a better intro. Call me Sven. The Mq in my name stands for Monqanut, the place of my birth. This year I turn 19. My dad’s a scientist. My mum remarried some happy therapy guy that’s cringe af. I’m the eldest child in my family. While the rest of my siblings go with my mum, I stayed with my dad. We come from a family of hunters. I learned to use the rifle when I was 6 and the knowledge of fighting arts system was passed down to me from generation to generation. I sniff out danger, I protect the pack, I fight to exist.

But what the hell does that matter, now I’m just a wandering wolf. Everywhere I go, I’m looking for something cool to do.

So at the beginning of it all (after a really disgusting incident at night involving some bug), I have to choose a faction. I guess, better to be picked up by somebody? Dragon’s too weird for me, Illuminati seemed too dramatic, so I guess I’ll go with the Templars, they seem more straightforward.

Thankfully my face remains the same even after all these world travels hahahaha.

///I’ll post the other stuff later.!


Shiiit. I gotta say I have no memory of where this was, Agate? Agata? but it’s cool af. You literally jump from place to place.

I also recently got this outfit… this uniform suits me. Had I not been a world traveller, I would’ve signed up for my country’s special forces. It’s in my soul, man, in my soul!

0_0 koshka!

It seems you can have pets here… I’m not sure how pets’ll help in battle if at all, but I always would like having a dog or something around.



The jumpy place is Agartha aka “The Hollow Earth”


гав гав спасибо! uwu
I arrive at a place called Kingsmouth. I have no idea how to say that name and I say it differently all the time. There’re so many zombies and strange creatures. Idek wtf is going on! Talking to people there and they say something about a fog that came, and weird shiit starts popping out after that.

My lil investigations gets me to meet this guy Joe Slacker or something. He’s half transformed. How he even is still a person cuz the other guys I saw had fully changed already. Joe tells me that when he and his boys out in the sea, they found something cool like a blade? Ofc they just had to bring it back, and the fog followed.

He’s losing his mind here retelling me the story and WhatTHEfCUK he is touching me with his infection?!? MF! Get off!!

Ok fine, I’ll listen to the damn song and follow. Damn it, man.
//plays it//
Whoa dude… whoa… I can see music and hear colours…

Woof woof! I think I found treasure at the end of the music! And I am at very good spot.

Eavesdropping on these suspicious guys tells me some things like… that dude who looks like from 13th century? He’s very old brain big bad. He’s the guy making all this nonsense happens and wants to take over whatever and he’s missing something. Man it’s good angle to shoot his a$$ now but no I don’t go full offense on an unknown enemy.

But that chick… I wanna get a closer look … for uhhh … lessons…


Doing all these missions, gotta make sure to stay healthy or you are no better than zombie!

Also I got new dog, I’m gonna call em Tero II.

My dogs back home must miss me. I got 3. A Lapinkoira named Tero, a Kuvasz named Pyry and a Rottweiler named Teppo.


You will see the music again.


I found out about Morninglight… seems like some Hippie new age crap kinda group… But turns out they are not that friendly… Some guy who complained about the Hippies ended up DEAD, man! I thought I could chill yaknow just getting stoned whatever with some, but they’re meh. Just as I’m about to leave… I see her!

Ngl, several fantasies spawned in my head and sometimes I had half the mind to just pull her clothes down but ok ok I won’t. I drew a thing about what happened:

So I escort her , help her with idk what, I guess she only needed company? I thought we going somewhere, you know some place shady ahem ahem…
… but then she just stunned me… I mean literally ya know??

and… well… I’m too embarrassed to talk about the rest. No steak date !!
(sad pup whimpering)




What’s my name? You call me BIG SVEN!


FCK THIS ABANDONED THEME PARK!!! I swear to god I kept hearing people behind me but there was nobody? OK yeah investigate this ■■■■, wtf there to investigate, some guy doing black magic whatever gonna sacrifice all the people there. It’s screwed from the start!! Honestly, I didn’t even wanna spend the night here, my instinct telling me to get my a$$ outta there so I follow my instinct like bible.




I suggest climbing to the highest point of the roller coaster and taking a 360° view of the world around you to clear your head.


I went on the roller coaster ride the stupid ghosts!!!

hehe look a kebob


I’m watching NatGeo live, big boi vs smol boi
The freak with the big bag behind him also watching.


I have arrived at a school which belongs to Illuminati. This place here they got a lotta magic projects like moving dummies and stuff. It reminds me of my Magic school back home, in a way, but mine looks nicer and not old. They also got this whole magic barrier protection, but then it leaked somehow so now everything’s going wild.

Looks pretty calm on the outside ya?

Every institution must have these old people who talk and talk but don’t do anything. The man there resembles my country Finance Minister in attitude. But no don’t shoot I don’t insult my Minister, only this human. He hast passed expiry.

Everyone, not to worry, Sven is here to fix plumbing of school… sigh. What boring – wait… oh… is she – is this…

Wow… is this… love at first sight? Carter is her name, right? She… cute. Yes I will do anything to make her happy! She tells me she has sick powers but those old guys don’t want her to get hurt so they tell her to sit and just look pretty. Well, Carter, today’s your lucky day because I will take you anywhere!!! Awoooo!!!

All she needs is open shirt (I can help), be cleaned, put on nice new clothes and she is my Anja – I mean Carter. But she looks so much like my girlfriend from other planet. Even her voice! Only she isn’t blonde like my Anja. Mm right, yes we are on mission. Mission states: There are too many of these moving dummies so we gotta get rid of them… but…

wait wh

Holy fck she really is something. Imagine what she can do in the room :eyes:

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I’d check the legal age in that area if I were you


Oh :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Mmm I mean yes of course * shifty eyes *

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I just did background check on her. She is 16 so just 3 years younger than me))) and it seems she’s really friendly with some Danny guy. I met that guy before and honestly,… no she cannot be with him… he is too… no… Carter is mine.


This whole doomsday mood make me strange.


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Dude it looks like I got laser cuming out of my nipples

Ok right back to the real crisis. We’ve got that Beaumont has a blade which he needs for his evil plot. And to know how to use it, we must access Illuminati vault because that’s where they keep all these info. Of course, the Illuminati being them, they have this many symbols and passwords to open a door.

Cutting the part where I was running around looking for the last piece and losing half my sanity stomping on floorboards and mindfcuked by codes, I managed to open the door.

^ Yeah also flexing my new uniform, aint it cool? When did it arrive? I don’t know! Just got it delivered up my a$$ thank you Sonnacabich.

When I got in the vault, it’s like a library. Spooky. And there inside immediately I saw Beaumont, the ancient medieval creature, walking about with big stick in hand.

Seems he already got his stick and want to go off and detention me by breaking everything the exit and trapping me in the library. Who he thinks he is dealing with, this is B-O-S-S Sven. I can get out of anything.

I sniffed around and found some guy’s diary. Dévore? Eat? Idk maybe guy was a snacker. This Beaumont had some pals before but where are they now… There was also a piece written, that Illuminati recommended to hang Templars in public! Grrrrrr!! I will one shot the one who said it. But I think the guy’s already dead. It looked like old writings… or is it new?

Oh wait Wtf. I hate books!!

Bored, I trace back steps, but there was buttface Archivist. I couldn’t take my camera out fast enough because I killed it already. Illuminati are always making lumpy fleshy thing. They got no style, man! And this vault is maze for sure, Beaumont didn’t even have to redecorate it. I got out anyway hah! Now, next stage is travel to BlauerBerg… because somewhere in the books they mentioned some miners there and … I don’t remember … Прощай!