Switching Between Game Modes

I have a question, maybe a stupid one, regarding something I am simply not game enough to try for myself. I have never played in any mode other than singleplayer/offline (ps4). I have recently wondered the following:

If I switch to another mode (eg- online PvE, PvP, or even singleplayer co-op) will it wipe my character in my singleplayer offline mode?

Im sorry if this is really obvious, but I have a level 60 character, with a large high tier base, over a dozen thralls, I have all the pieces to remove the bracelet and have three legendary weapons from world bosses. So basically Im just not game to just ‘throw the switch and see what happens’. Can anyone help me on this please?

Your solo/offline character and game will stay intact if you choose to play online. I currently have a level 60 very developed game on my single player game on the xbox and three different characters on either official or private servers. I stay busy. :grin:

Basically I was trying to refer to (ps4) when you click ‘singleplayer/co-op’ then press ‘continue’, it has X activate co-op or □ play offline. I have only ever tried to play offline to date. But your post clarified the question well for me. Basically our online and offline profiles are seperate, and I wont lose my character by going online. Thanks for the help Shadoza.

Perfect! You summed my whole question up in the first sentence alone. And I wasnt sure if I made it clear enough. Thats a relief to know. Thanks JTtheDestroyer, very succinct.

Can I follow up with another quick on a completely different topic? A question about posting on the forum itself. Why is it that when I reply to other peoples posts, sometimes their avatar/profile pic appears in the upper right corner but not others!? *Case in point, it didnt appear in my reply to Shadoza, but it did appear in my reply to you. Am I doing something wrong…?

From what I understand, the difference is that you replied directly to me by hitting the reply button in my comment. For Shadoza’s response, I think you clicked the reply button in your original post.

Dont hold me to this, but Im fairly certain that I just pressed the reply button on each of your reply posts. This has been happening to me all over the place, and its a real pain, as sometimes its hard to tell who we may be addressing. It almost seems to be ‘if it feels like it’ for me. Haha. I noticed my picture didnt appear in your reply (thanks!) either. :thinking:

Well, I’ll settle for “it’s the will of the gods” and wait for a patch. :joy:


Ok Im faaaiirly sure I have a handle on it now. Cheers for your assistance Shadoza.

I finally added that info to the wiki after how long…!? :sweat_smile:

Just fyi, anyone is able to edit the wiki!
If you need help for and/or resources for contributing or have suggestions/feedback let me know.


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