Switching clans, base

You should be able to make a key so that you can open the door to your base no matter what clan you are in. but must be your own base you built.

This would be difficult, especially when multiple players in a clan can build a single base. I do it all the time with my friends. There’s no way to differentiate your pieces from someone else’s, or if you didn’t build the doors, you don’t have access. This only really applies to a single player building or something. Also, if they applied it to a whole clan, imagine being in a clan and you kick out someone who was toxic. What’s stopping them from coming back and robbing you blind because they still have access to buildings they worked on? While I understand your purpose, it just doesn’t make practical sense. There’s too many factors to consider.

All that being said, I gotta ask, what exactly led you to this idea? There’s ways to transfer your buildings to another clan if you’re the only player or last player in it, but if you left a clan and someone else is in charge of it currently, you’re SOL. If the latter is the case, you’re pretty much that player I mentioned above… the player they DON’T want robbing them blind. I’m not saying you’re toxic, or that leaving the clan wasn’t amicably done, but I can’t imagine them wanting you to have access to their stuff… even if it use to be yours.

Sometimes people leave clan and come back because they want to pvp and dont want to get the whole clan into it, well if it is a toxic player like you mention then would just change the lock on the door and make new keys for the door :slight_smile:

I’m confused. Did you leave your clan to join another, then wanted to rejoin the first clan? If you’re on good terms with either clan, this shouldn’t be difficult. You just need someone in the old clan to get your stuff and drop it all to you. It might take some time, but it’s doable. I still don’t see a need or practical purpose for a key to unlock your stuff. “Changing locks” and “making a new key” is a whole new system to manage on both the player side and Funcom’s development side. It’s gonna be more trouble than it’s worth… and may have worse consequences than just doing it the old fashioned way.

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While I don’t think I’d want something quite like OP, I do wish there were ways to split things in a clan. My partner and I always play together and it’s our private server so just the two of us, and we’re almost always in the same clan so we can see each other on the map. But sometimes what we really want is to be allied; own bases, own stuff, but group up for some exploration. With clan emblems, it adds even more reason to be separate (or the idea is, still need to look into some mods for this because game emblems are lacking).

Not really. Just add another column to the “buildings” table which stores the ID of the original player who placed the building piece.

buildings table:

Then you can identify who built a specific building and handle access if it’s a door piece.

Another way would be to add the builder id to the building_instances table if needed. This is per building piece.

building_instances table:

Then just check if the player that is using a door or chest is the original builder and if true, he can access/open it.

I was more referring to the actual management and keeping track of the comings and goings of people, especially from the player-side. No one wants to deal with “making and changing keys.” Besides, it’s not gonna solve some of the other issues I mentioned, such as multiple builders (“I don’t have that really nice door/chest. Could you place one for me? Thanks!”). It would probably be more hassle than its worth.

Let’s say they have more urgent things to focus on.

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That too… and even if they could figure out a way to navigate all the contingencies and issues… I doubt they’ll do it with much success. Given the OTHER stuff they need to fix that’s more pressing, some of those things shouldn’t have been “difficult” either, yet apparently were. I don’t have a lot of faith in the implementation of new QoL features. Sadly.

Its just that if you build a base while you join a clan with a friend, if they leave and you leave you carn’t get into your base anymore, especially if the leader of clan does not play or anyone else etc.

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Ok… I see where this is going. Your main issue with it was the clan leader is no longer active.

I BELIEVE, if you’re an officer, you MIGHT be able to contact Funcom to see if they can help to transfer ownership. However, no guarantees if that’s possible on their end. Basically the way they ended up coding the leader system was if I clan leader leaves, it reassigns ownership to the next officer in the clan. However, that didn’t solve the issue with clans that have a leader stop playing and never handing the reins over to an active player—this is why I’m always clan leader since I’m the most dedicated.

Unfortunately, in your case, you’re subjected to the inability to kick him out and take over, which would make merging clans MUCH easier. There’s a way around this—not now that you left, but take this as a learning experience should you need to do it another time. A friend of mine had the same issue. When I met him on my server, his friend—who was leader—was no longer active and kept forgetting to log back in to hand over ownership. He got tired of it, so I helped him transfer. Basically, he pulled out a bunch of crates, tore everything down, and put everything in the crates. Then he picked up each one and dropped it all to me. I wasn’t in his clan, so I had to take all the crates he gave to me and re-drop them to him after he made his new clan. However, were I in his clan, I could just take them all and hold them. The catch is, you need to do all of that BEFORE the last active member leaves the clan… which I’m sure you likely hadn’t considered. Also, it should be noted, you cannot bring any combat thralls with you doing this method. All of my friend’s fighters, dancers, and archers were lost and abandoned.

Sadly, at this point, there’s not much that can be done. It also seems that your request for a key option has a very specific circumstance, making it unlikely that they’d fulfill this request. The target player base for such a change does not meet the proper requirements for introducing a new system into the game. A system that would likely confuse and upset many players because it seems like more work to maintain a key for each player to access doors, containers, etc…. And after doing it once, you likely wouldn’t need the keys… because why join a clan with a player that you can’t trust?

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