Switching Zones/Areas hangs for about 4.5 minutes before loading in

The game runs fine once I am loaded into any given area, but as of yesterday 7/14/19, the game takes almost exactly 4 1/2 minutes to start loading every time I move to a new area… simply hanging on the splash screen in the meantime. I’d like to get that wait time back down to the 10-20seconds it was as of a few days ago.

It first happened zoning into Tokyo yesterday, but since I haven’t been there in a while I felt perhaps it had to grab some assets, but then ALL zones began to work that way. So now it’s pretty bad … move formEgypt back to Agartha? 5min. … run across to Kingsmouth, 5more min. etc.

System Requirements & Recommendations are exceeded … I do have an NVidia card GTX1060 driver 431.36 but was only updated today as part of troubleshooting the issue.
It runs on a Hybrid drive, not the fastest (7200), but it hasn’t been an issue and there is little to no fragmentation and plenty of space.

I do access through Steam, but have the full client downloaded, or at least as full as I can find.
Checked through connections, firewall and A/V … and the issue would appear to be something internal to the game, but lowering settings has done nothing.

It behaves like it is completing loading in each zone every single time, THEN zoning the character in.
This is the only MMO that is having this issue.

Anyone run into this? Anything left to check?
Thanks in advance.

My first guess for a sudden change affecting all areas would be an internet connection issue, if it waits for a connection to time out before retrying that could easily add 3-4 minutes. I dunno how to test whether that’s the case though, unless you can put the same computer on a different internet connection.

I’m connected on a hard line to the modem but I can check that, although I suspect I would see other connection issues in other programs, …
It would probably need to be something specific to SWL … something triggering a timeout with it or steam perhaps even … will give it a look.
For the matter I should also look into certificates as well … they had not impacted my games, but they did impact connectivity not long ago …

Update: I took it into windowed mode and ran diagnostics while booting … the game itself connects fine, loads up to the launcher fine and takes the 4 min and change to zone into the game itself.
Then I went through a portal, and watched the network traffic.

My computer pegs out to 98% idle. There is no network traffic at all. From everything I can see, my computer is just sitting there waiting for the server to send information and after that 4 min or so, Focus comes back on the window and everything starts humming again …

I could have sworn there was a pop up I got about some kind of server restart, a couple days back but I find no record of such and it was up on screen only barely long enough for me to see it…

As soon as I hit the initial load in, or any in-game load screen the game sits there effectively frozen.

A/V is set up properly and the Firewall was turned off to test so isn’t that, will double check the modem settings later, but they weren’t changed.


Checked Modem, nothing has changed, ports are all set up and open where they should be still.
Guess for now I will await the server restarts and see if that clears it up. The extremely consistent time does seem to fit with something timing out, but it isn’t on my end from what I can see.


I ran the game repair again and this time it pulled down a patch the game had apparently neglected to install or didn’t install correctly. The wait period was probably due to version differences.
Game is back to working properly … thnx.

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